Snow and Cold Go Away!

I don’t know about all of you but I think this has truly been the coldest winter yet!  January is almost over and February is rolling in…Spring just can’t get here soon enough!

I used to like snow but I guess things change from when you are a kid.  We had a lot of snow but has been SLOWLY melting away making a bigger mess after everything freezes over night.  I think my whole family is ready for winter to be over.  We like to spend a lot of time outside.  My kids have one of those big backyard swing sets and they got a new slide for it for Christmas and they haven’t gotten a chance to play on it yet.

They have been bugging us to let them go outside to play but its just been too cold and our yard is such a mess!  They did get to play in the snow a couple times this year but that was about it – temps were just way too low this whole month.  So ready for the snow and cold to go away!  I miss my yard and the kids playing outside.  How about everyone else?  Ready for Spring yet?!

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