DIY Flea Powder for Your Home – Get Rid of Fleas w/o Using Chemicals & Pesticides – Baking Soda & Salt!

After our first furry family member passed away almost 2 years ago, a few months later our house was infested with fleas.  I couldn’t understand why because even when we had our dog, we never had a flea problem.  I did find out that fleas can lie dormant for a while.  We tried every flea product we could think of and we couldn’t get rid of them.  We flea bombed the house, we use sprays and powders and nothing got rid of them.  My sister told me to try mixing baking soda and salt together and sprinkle it all over my floors and use it just like any other powder you would typically try.  I had never heard of this but I was at the point of trying anything.

Besides the fact that I was tired of trying product after product and wasting the money to do so, I was also tired of taking my kids out of the house to be away from these products.  Fleas are also apparently stupid.  Seriously.  I was also told that if you fill a shallow bowl with soapy water and shine a flashlight on the floor, the fleas will jump into the water when they see the light.  Whether this works or not I have no idea.  I didn’t try that method because I knew there was no way I was going to spend all day on my hands and knees to see if any of our flea friends were ready to commit suicide (whether or not they actually drown is something else I really didn’t care to find out).  Besides that, it’s not like any un-hatched eggs were going to jump into the water.

So I went to the store and bought a big box of baking soda and a big canister of salt.  It really doesn’t matter what brand you buy.  It all works the same.  There really isn’t any measurment requirements or anything.  I just mixed an equal amount of both salt and baking soda.  I ended up using all of it since I had a rather large area to cover.  I waited until the evening to cover my floor with it because I didn’t want to take any chances and wanted to leave it sit overnight.  It’s only baking soda and salt so there wasn’t any worries of any of us breathing in something harmful.  In the morning I vacuumed it up and I swear to you, we didn’t have any more fleas.

They were gone.

I will not use anything else again.  I couldn’t believe all the products that we used that can be dangerous that never worked when all it took was baking soda and salt ONE TIME.  We recently had another flea problem because of our newest furry family member that we rescued from the shelter about 9 months ago had a major flea problem.  I knew what it took to take care of them in my home but the new problem we can across was the flea treatments for our pup didn’t work so treating the house was pointless until we were able to get his own flea problem under control.  We went to the vet and got a prescription for chewable tablets and to help the process along, I used my baking soda and salt flea conconction and in one day, no more fleas.

All it took was baking soda and salt.

Another tip:  Since baking soda and salt are basically odorless and you want a little fragrance, add a little talc.  Also, I found vacuuming up the baking soda and salt was SO much easier to sweep up than any powder you would buy too.  It doesn’t stick to the carpet and is easy to clean up.  Different types of carpet may be different.


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