Purina Cat Chow My Perks – Earn points for rewards – Free Cat Food, water bottles, food bowls & more!


Purina Cat Chow My Perks

Follow the link above to sign up – it’s free to join.

You can earn points by completing simple activities.

Make sure to connect your social media sites for really easy points.

You can get 11,000 points right off the bat by creating a new account and connecting your facebook/twitter.

You sign up via email, facebook, or twitter.

You can also earn points by entering product codes.  Select the “All Activities Button” and then select “Enter Proof of Purchase” option.   You can only do this twice per month.  Once you do this twice, this activity will be locked for 30 days.  Below is a list of codes you can try.  Newest ones are at the bottom each time I update.

This set of codes got me 10,000 points:

UPC (11 characters including hyphen): 17800-15604
Mfg. Code 1 (8 characters): 33361085
Mfg. Code 2 (7 characters): 2055L08
UPC (11 characters including hyphen): 17800-14500
Mfg. Code 1 (8 characters): 32281084
Mfg. Code 2 (7 characters): 0800L02
New code:
UPC 17800-16629 (3500 pt code)
Mfg. Code 52261079
Mfg Code 1350L03
This set of codes got me 11,000 points:
UPC 17800-15022
Mfg. Code 32881084
Mfg. Code 1718L10
UPC 17800-13416
Mfg. Code 32371084
Mfg. Code 1324L07
These two codes are 3,000 points each:
UPC 17800-15014
MFG. CODE 32401087
MFG. CODE 1443L01
UPC 17800-15014
MFG CODE 33031086
MFG CODE 1019L07
*These two codes got me a total of 9,500 points (newest added 12/30/16):
UPC : 17800-15604
Mfg. Code: 33361085
Mfg. Code: 2055L08
UPC  17800-14500
Mfg. Code : 32281084
Mfg. Code: 0800L02
New Code (added 1/8/17)
UPC 17800-17162
MFG 61601085
MFG 2157L03
New Code Added 2/22/17
10,000 points for this code
UPC: 17800-14500
Mfg. Code: 41031085
Mfg Code: 0652L05
You can try all these codes but remember, you can only use 2 per month.  Keep in mind that the older ones may not work any more.  The newest codes are at the bottom.  Every time I update, I add new ones at the bottom.


I got a FREE Food Container on the way and I finally got enough points to redeem for a FREE bag of cat food up to $15.99!  You can use your points for other rewards such as water bottles, magnets, food bowls, and lots more.

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.

2 comments to Purina Cat Chow My Perks – Earn points for rewards – Free Cat Food, water bottles, food bowls & more!

  • Jessica

    How do I get to the page to enter the codes. I bought a bag of food signed up but cannot find the page to enter the code.

    • If you click on the “See all activities” button in your account after you sign in you will see a bunch of different activities you can do. There should be a box that says enter proof of purchase. When you choose that activity it should come up with a clickable link to enter the code on the form that comes up.

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