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Disney Micro Pix Digital Camera – Sassy Tinkerbell Review

Disney Micro Pix Digital Cameras

I am a huge picture taker.  I take tons of pictures all the time and do a lot of scrapbooking.  Of course, my daughter has to be like me and likes to do her own scrapbooks.  She wanted her own camera (she was 7 at the time, now almost 9).  Last Easter I saw these Disney Micro Pix Digital Cameras and decided to get her one to put in her Easter basket.  This is the camera that we bought her:

Sassy Tinkerbell Disney Pix

It’s really cute and it’s pretty small.  My daughter loved this because she likes to carry around her little purse and it fits inside of it.  It’s only a 3 inch camera.  It is very easy to use.  You pretty much just turn it on and snap the button to take pictures.  There isn’t a picture viewer on the camera though.  You have to look through the viewer to see what you are taking a picture of.  She probably would have liked it better if there was a picture viewer. 

This camera will take 30-40 pictures before they need to be removed from the camera.  There is a small LCD screen on the back of the camera that keeps track of how many pictures have been taken.  There is also a delete button which I really don’t know the reason for it since you can’t see the pictures that you have taken to know which ones that you want to delete.  We find it easier to upload the pictures via USB cable and delete the ones that she doesn’t want from the computer.

I have no idea what the resolution of the camera is but I can tell you,  they aren’t the best quality.  I wouldn’t use those pictures to print myself.  The best thing about this camera is the software that was included.  It is called Disney Pix and it is a lot of fun.  There is a default folder that is created called My Snapshots.  The pictures that you want to use (doesn’t have to be pictures taken with this camera) with the software must be in this folder.

It comes with really fun software!

With the software, you can do all sorts of things with your pictures.  There are backgrounds and frames that you can place your pictures on, stamps that you can use (which are animated when used and my daughter just loves this!), and all sorts of different things.  The backgrounds and the other things are Disney related and there are some that feature Disney’s Cars, Hannah Montana, Tinkerbell, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princesses, and more.  I have had som fun using this software myself.  Here are a few of my creations with pictures that I took of my kids:


This is really a fun camera for kids and my daughter loves it.  I also have a lot of fun with the software and use it quite frequently and I think it’s great for any youngster that likes to take pictures.  I remember finding this camera at Toys-R-Us and it was only about $15.  There are also other themed designs and there are plenty to choose from.

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