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Me4Kidz Medibuddy Review

Me4kidz stands for Medical Emergencies for Kids.  All of their products were inspired by their own kids and even their pet!  They have great products including a full size medical kit (Medibag 4 Kids), a full size medical bag for pets (Medibag 4 Pets), they have a Diaper Bag Buddy, and the  Medibuddy which I was sent for review.  I love products that are inspired by kids and family and these are perfect since all kids seem to need bandaged up often enough – especially my 4 year old son!

The Medibuddy is a great mini medical kit that is perfect to toss in your purse to carry with you on the go.  I keep mine in the glovebox of the car because it never fails that everytime we take our kids somewhere, I have one of them asking me for a band-aid or something.  This happens a lot more in the spring and summer months when they are outside playing all the time or we take them somewhere.  We go to play parks, national parks, wildlife parks, the zoo, or we drive down to the lake, etc.  The Medibuddy comes in handy when going to these kinds of places especially when our kids are running round, climbing on things or just falling down.


Inside the Medibuddy, there are 40 items inside.

  • 15 standard size crayon bandages in the colors of red, blue, and yellow
  • 1 three inch knee bandage
  • 1 sting relief pad
  • 4 two by two inch gauze pads
  • 3 antiseptic wipes and are sting free
  • 1 burn relief cream
  • 2 antibiotic ointments
  • 12 fun stickersand of course the carrying case

All products are latex free

These are great items to have anywhere you go in my opinion.  It is so easy to toss one of these in my purse, diaper bag, etc. to have handy anytime that my kids need fixing up.  What I really like is that there are stickers inside also.  What kid doesn’t like to have a sticker after he/she visits a doctor or gets bandaged up.  That’s what I really like about Me4kidz.  They have kids of their own and they make their products kid friendly.

The case is a very durable plastic and snaps opn and closed.  Like I said, I think it’s the perfect size to take anywhere and it comes with the basic supplies that you will need on the go.  I can also add a little more to it or if I run out of supplies, the case looks like it will last for quite a long time.  I think the Medibuddy is a great item to take with you anywhere you go.  You never know when you just might need it when you have kids!

Products are made in the USA and is family owned.  The plastic is 100% recycled and is lead free.  Each purchase gives back to the disabled community.

Where to Buy:  You can check out the Medibuddy and other products online at me4kids.  They have a lot of other great products as well.  You can also find these products at Target, and Meijer, Toys-R-Us, and Babies-R-Us.

The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.

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