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aden + anais Organic Swaddle Review

aden + anais has a lot of great baby products with swaddles, sleeping bags, washcloths, bibs, blankets and more.  I was interested in their Organic Swaddles so I was delighted when I was sent one of them to use and review.  We received a Star Gazer Organic Swaddle which can be used for either a boy or a girl.  It has a really cute design with brown and green stars all over it.
These swaddles are muslin swaddles made from organic cotton which means that the cotton is grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides and they are GOTS certified.  That happens to mean a lot to me because that means that they are manufactured with a fully organic process included using recycled water and solar power. 
The Swaddle that we received is a large swaddle measuring a whopping 47 inches by 47 inches!  This makes swaddling so much easier than using regular sized receiving blankets – especially if you happen to have a big baby or an older baby like mine that still won’t go to sleep at night without being swaddled first.  I don’t know why because he will take naps during the day just fine without having to be swaddled but if we don’t at night, he will not go to sleep.


Swaddling with the aden + anais Organic Swaddle is really easy.  You lie it down in a diamond shape then fold down the top corner to about the middle or a little lower (depending on how big your baby is) then lie the little guy or gal in the center with their head just above the fold.  Holding down one arm against the little guy’s body, wrap the one side over top of him.  Then fold up the bottom corner over his feet, then hold his arm in place on the other side and wrap that side of the swaddle over him and tuck the extra length underneath him.  Now you have a swaddled bundle of joy!
Some may wonder why you should swaddle a baby.  I know I did 9 years ago when our daughter was born.  I just thought it was something the hospital did.  A couple weeks after she was born, we figured it out.  Swaddling helps baby feel more secure and closed in.  It also helps to maintain their body heat and makes them feel like how they felt for nine months in mommy’s belly.  Baby’s body temp adjusts naturally using this Swaddle.  All three of my kids needed to be swaddled when they slept.  My older two grew out of it when they were about 4 months old but our newest guy just turned 6 months old and he still needs to be swaddled.  We make sure there is no way he can roll over in his crib whether he is swaddled or not. 

Tummy Time

There are other uses for the Organic Swaddle too.  It is large enough that you can use it on the floor for tummy time, use it to cover a stroller to shade the sun which also happens to cover so much more than regular receiving blankets do!  You can also use it as a sheet to cover the bottom of a playpen which I have also done.  Since the Organic Swaddle is really breathable,  our guy doesn’t get hot at all when he is swaddled and when it’s cold, it also keeps him warm.


After I washed our Swaddle, I didn’t notice any shrinking to it.  I thought it came out feeling even softer than before.  It is made to be very durable but delicate at the same time.  It’s also a little stretchy which makes swaddling more comfortable.  aden + anais was started by a mom that obviously knew what babies needed because we love everything about their Organic Swaddle.  It’s very breathable, perfect size, easy to use, and can be used for many other things than swaddling.  It is even big enough to use as a cover if you need to breastfeed in public without baby getting too hot being covered with it!
aden + anais even supports a lot of charities.  Some of them I know about and that makes the company even better in my opinion.  You can even read about the aden + anais swaddle love foundation on their site.  “Our goal is to eliminate touch deprivation in orphaned babies across the world”.
The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own. 
Buy It:  You can buy the Star Gazer Organic Swaddle for $34.00 at aden + anais.  There are other kinds of Organic designs and other kinds of swaddles along with other great products.  I can say that I definately recommend the Organic Swaddle.  We loved it and give it two thumbs up!  
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