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Aminals Momey Doll Review

Aminals were created by Dreaming Lion LLC.  They came up with these dolls inspired by kids’ drawings.  Kids draw all kinds of things that can be something that scares them to something that makes them laugh.  Aminals are like drawings come to life like they have come out of a drawing.  Aminals are made to look like a colored in drawing.  They are outlined in black and some may have squiggly lines or so forth and they are even shaped like a child’s drawing.  There are 11 different aminals to choose from and all their names are spelled like how a young child may spell them.  We were sent an Aminal for our use and review and we were sent Momey or spelled correctly would be Mommy.
My almost nine year old daughter took a liking to Momey right away.  She plays with her all the time and is soft enough for her to sleep with.  Momey is purple with a light blue dress and shoes and her fingernails are even colored in to make them look as if they are painted.  Momey’s face is the cutest part about her.  Her face is drawn kind of like the way my daughter draws.  She really likes her because she looks that way.  Our daughter has also learned a lot about Momey and the other Aminals because there is a lot to learn about them!
So what is there to learn about Aminals?  Well all Aminals are 100 % organic inside and out.  They are not made of any synthetic materials and are made completely from organic cotton which means the cotton is grown on an organic farm.  They do not use pesticides, defoliants, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers.  Organic farms are chemical free and control pests and weeds naturally and use pesticides that break down quickly with sunlight and oxygen.  This makes products safer and more eco-friendly and the farms are green and so much better for our environment.
You know what else?  Momey is a bio-nutrient!  This means that after she has lived her long happy life with my daughter or any kid she gets passed down to, she can be composted in our own garden!  “Aminal dolls will safely return where they came from – turning waste into food!”  How cool is that?  My daughter thought everything about Aminals was very interesting.  She kept asking questions and she learned how it all works.  I thought it was a pretty cool thing to be able to teach her.
Momey is also dyed with low-impact vegetable dyes.  Like I said, there is nothing chemical about these dolls.  It is recommended that you spot clean your Aminal to keep their same color and shape longer.  Since they are organic, they will lose their shape and color over time but leaving them out of the washing machine will give them a longer life.  Momey is my daughter’s best friend.  My own daughter told me that Momey is also the Earth’s best friend.  How great is that?!
“From beginning to end, every step in the life cycle of an Aminal doll has been considered to minimize any negative environmental impact.”

Meet some of the other Aminals:

I think everything about Aminals are great in my opinion and we love our Momey!

The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.

Buy It:  You can buy Momey or any of the others online at Aminals for $24.99.  I think they are worth it and they are a lot of fun to play with!  Make sure you check them out!  You can also read more about them on thier website.
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