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Scandle Originals Travel Candle Review


“A candle never felt so good”

I love scented candles and I also love scented skin products that take care of my skin.  What do these two things have in common?  Scandle isn’t just a scented candle.  It’s a body massage candle!  I was interested in Scandle from the first time I ran across their site and was ecstatic when I got my email reply that they wanted to work on a review with me.  I was sent a Scandle Originals Travel Candle along with a sample size jar of their Dead Sea Salt Soak & Scrub that matches the scent of the candle.  The Scandle and Dead Sea Salt Scrub I received was called Hummingbird which happens to be Warm Vanilla Sugar.  Mmmmm!  It smells so yummy and I’m not exaggerating! 

Eco-Friendly and great for traveling

The Scandle Originals Travel Candle comes in a little tin with a rubber band bracelet around it that says Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  You can show your eco-friendly support while wearing it.  The tin is also good to use for something else after the candle is gone so keep that in mind.  It’s a 4 ounce candle so it is perfect for traveling!

Easy to use

Using the candle is really easy.  You should trim the wick before burning each time to prevent the candle from smoking.  It’s recommended that you burn the candle for about 30 minutes before using it or just make sure that the candle is melted all the way around the edges so that it continues to burn evenly.  Scandle burns 2 degrees above body temperature and creates a body oil when melted.  It’s used for massage or just a daily moisturizer.
I just love the way it makes my skin feel.  I love it, love it, love it!  You should only use a small amount when applying it because it is an oil and you don’t need to use that much in one place.  It isn’t too hot when applying it to the skin either.  It absorbs into skin pretty easily and leaves my skin feeling really soft!  My skin is left moisturized too and helps heal and lock in moisture.  I know I said it before, I love the scent.  This is seriously the best vanilla scent that I have ever used!  It’s a light scent that lingers for quite a while and it never gets annoying.  It literally is a yummy scent!  The Scandle Originals Travel Candle has about 15-30 hours of burn time so it will last for a bit of time.

Dead Sea Salt Soak & Scrub

I love the Dead Sea Salt Soak & Scrub too!  Like I said, I received a sample size and it has the same sent as the candle.  Once again, it smells yummy!  You can use it with the Scandle or alone as a body scrub.  It makes my skin feel so good!  I like to use it to soak my feet too, I am very picky about the way my feet look especially in the Spring and Summer months since I wear flip flops all the time.  I get a few dry spots on my feet and this helps with that! Dead Sea Salts naturally have some of the same things that are found in our skin so adding those things back into the skin helps your skin in so many ways.
Scandle would make perfect gifts even for Mother’s Day.  I know Christmas is a long way off but they would make great stocking stuffers as well.  I know hubby is going to have Scandle on my list this year!
Buy It:  You can buy these products by visiting Scandle.  They have other candles as well that even come in a ceramic jar.  You can buy Scandle Orginials Travel Candles for $12.95 and you can buy the Dead Sea Salt Soak $ Scrubs as seen in the picture above for $17.95.  Oooh, these products are worth it!
You can find Scandle on Twitter, facebook, and even read more about Scandle on their blog
The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.
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