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Woombie Swaddle Review

Our little guy is now 7 months old and he has taken the longest of our three to get out of the swaddling stage.  Our other two kids grew out of it when they were about 4-5 months which most babies tend to.  Our youngest wasn’t letting go of it.  I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to work with Woombie on a review because at 5 1/2-6 months old, he was getting too big to be swaddling him in blankets (although we have also used swaddles which are much larger blankets).  Either way it just wasn’t working out the greatest and he just would not go to sleep unless we swaddled him up.
We were sent a Woombie to try and we loved it.  Our little guy even loves it.  The Woombie isn’t a blanket.  It’s like a sack that you place baby in and zip up with his arms inside.  There is also a snap that fold over the zipper puller so that it isn’t exposed.  With the Woombie, there isn’t any worry of a blanket unraveling and having extra blankets in the crib.  The Woombie is made of soft, eco cotton fabric.
For smaller babies after they are first born, the Woombie is designed to make them have an easier transition from leaving mommy’s belly into the real world.  The Woombie fits close to baby without being tight.  The stretchy material lets baby move his arms freely without jerky reactions startling him or reaching up to scratch his face.  The Woombie follows pediatrician and SIDS guidelines and maintains airflow and won’t overheat baby.  Our son slept in it very comfortably so I believe that fact to definitively be proven.
It is meant to soothe babies with colic and promotes natural motor development.  I find this to be true even though we didn’t use a Woombie from the day our son was born.  He has control over his arms but he still sometimes jerks in his sleep.  The Woombie has actually helped in even now because with the Woombie, he has been able to move his arms throughout his sleep.  This has actually made things a lot easier to transition him to sleep without being swaddled because he is used to it now.  Even though it allows baby to move his arms, it doesn’t allow him to move his arms in a jerky manner which in turn promotes the natural motor skills.
If you are wondering how to place baby in a Woombie, the picture below will show you how.  You can also find the same image on the Woombie website and they also have other information that you may not know about swaddling.
Like I said, we love the Woombie.  I only wish I knew about them when he was first born.  After we had the chance to use one, I would definitely recommend one to anyone with a baby.  We can finally put our son to bed and he will still sleep all night without a swaddle now – at least most nights and I owe it all to the Woombie.  I really don’t think that we would have made much progress without it.  Of course any time that he was or is swaddled, we make sure he can’t roll in his sleep.  Of course we make sure of that whether he is or not.  This truly is a great product.  Make sure to check them out as they also have other types of Woombies including ones that have zippers that go both ways which are great for baby swings, etc. because you can leave baby’s legs free to fit in a swing, etc.  They also have Woombies coming in June with legs!
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The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.

Buy It:  Check out to buy their Woombies and other great products.  The original Deluxe Woombie is $24.99 and the Organic Woombie is $26.99.  They also have a few other types that are $25.99 so you can find one that fits your baby best.  The sizes are preemie (3-6 pounds) all the way to mega baby (20-25 pounds).
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