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Barefoot Books Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

Barefoot Books started with two moms that wanted their kids to have books that would feed into their imagination while at the same time giving them respect for diversity and the planet.  Barefoot Books have writers, artists, storytellers and musicians from all around the world providing these great stories and books for our young readers for all ages.  I was given a great opportunity to work with Barefoot Books on a review and was thrilled to have this opportunity.  My kids love books as we have always made books an important part of their lives from the time they were born. 
Barefoot Books is an independent publisher and they have books for all ages including babies in a lot of different categories.  There are categories such as ABC’s and 123’s, Adventure and Travel, Animals, Art, books for Bedtime, books about the Planet, Folk and Fairy Tales, World Music, World Cultures and so much more!  I think this is a great place to find books with stories about everything which I happen to think is really great.  I also think it’s really great for kids to read stories about other cultures and learn about other places.  Barefoot Books also has puzzles, puppets, and more!
Barefoot Books sent us 5 hand picked books to review and my kids love all of them!  
Written by Stella Blackstone
Illustrated by Debbie Harter
Bear’s Busy Family is colorful book with Bear telling the story about his family and what they do.  The illustrations are adorable and very artsy.  The illustrations shows what each family member does or what they are doing which makes reading and following along to the story very easy.  The story also rhymes which is another thing that I love about it.  There are about 6 words per page on average and the text is in bold letters which makes it easy for my four year old to learn to read some of the words.
Bear’s Busy Family also teaches about senses.  For example; the first page says, “Smell the bread my grandma bakes.”  The second page says, “Touch the bowls my grandpa makes.”  On the third page you will read “Taste the fish my uncle brings.”  and then, “Hear the songs my auntie sings.”   I also love the fact that every member of Bear’s family are included in this book making younger kids know that there are more to families than just mommy, daddy, sister and brother.
Laurie Krebs and Julia Cairns
In We All Went On Safari, my kids took a journey through Tanzania and counted along the way.  I love this book because they get to see the different animals that are in Tanzania, learn about Tanzania, they learn counting and they also get to learn to count to ten in Swahili!  I think this book is great for my kids to learn something completely new.  My 9 year old daughter and my 4 year old son already know how to count to ten in Spanish and now they can count to ten in Swahili.  I think it’s really great!  The story also rhymes and they get to learn a little about Tanzania and what they can find there. 
After reading what animals are found in Tanzania, at the back of the book, they get to learn about the animals and how to say the animal names in Swahili too!  You also get to read about the Maasai People and the meaning of their names of the children in the story.  There are also facts about Tanzania and a map!  This is one of Barefoot Books’ great story books about other cultures and I love that this book has a lot of different things to learn about!
Retold by Burleigh Muten
Illustrated by Sian Bailey
Read by (Storytime CDs included) Olympia Dukakis
In Grandmothers’ Stories Wise Woman Tales From Many Cultures, you will find 8 different stories from different cultures.  These stories are told by wise women of different cultures and I think it’s a great way for kids to learn about these incredible places around the world.  These stories remind me of the stories that my grandma made up and told us when we were kids.  This book brings back so many memories even though these stories in this book are all new to me and to my kids.  This is a book that my kids love to listen to as these stories are read to them. 
Included in this book you will read, “The Midwife And The Djinn” (Senegalese), “The Old Woman Who Was Not Afraid” (Japanese), “Grandmother’s Basket” (Russian), “The Woman In The Moon” (Hawaiian), “The Beautiful Crone of Cordoba” (Mexican), “Go Ask The Wise Woman” (Irish), “Old Mother Hollie” (German), and “The Old Woman Who Was Right” (Swedish).  We really love these stories and I love how these stories portray these wise women.  My daughter will read this book by herself as it is more suitable for her reading level although they both love listening to the stories.  I think this book is great for learning about different cultures!  My son loves listening to the CDs while following along with the book too!
Fred Penner
Debbie Harter
The Animal Boogie is a really fun book that both my kids love!  What makes it so fun is that it comes with a sing-a-long CD!  This is a really fun, colorful book all about animals.  My kids get to go through the jungle meeting all the animals to sing and dance with them!  This book is fun to read by itself but even more fun if you include the sing-a-long CD which sings the whole story with simple lyrics, fun sounds, and catchy tunes!  I think the CD also helps learn to read because they get to sing the book making reading the words so much easier.  There are a lot of repeated words on each page. You will meet a bear, a monkey, an elephant, and a bird just to name a few.

The book starts out with a bear and says, “Down in the jungle, come if you dare! What can you see shaking here and there? With a shaky shake here and a shaky shake there, what’s that creature shaking here and there?” “It’s a Bear! She goes shake, shake, boogie, woogie, oogie! Shake, shake, boogie, woogie, oogie! Shake, shake, boogie, woogie, oogie! That’s the way she’s shaking here and there.” It’s really cute and the Shake, shake, shake changes up too like when you get to the monkey, it changes to Swing, swing, swing and so on. I think it’s great because not only is it fun to read, it also get kids up and dancing in all sorts of ways! It’s like it’s not even a story but a really fun song to sing!

Written by Oscar Seaworthy
Illustrated by Debbie Harter
This book is a fun story about pirates which my son absolutely adores.  Port Side Pirates is a story about pirates that lived on their pirate ship sailing to Timbuktu and then the wind forced them off course.  They hit a storm and the sails were torn and they ended up with a man overboard.  They saved him and then the storms cleared up and then they saw a wrecked ship and they went on board the wrecked ship and found treasure!  Port Side Pirates also comes with a sing-a-long CD and the whole story becomes a song when you play it!  It’s really cute, fun and catchy.  Again, I think this is a great way to get kids involved in reading and singing along to a story is a helpful way to teach them to read.
“When I was young I had some fun the day I went to sea.  I jumped on board a pirate ship and the captain said to me:  Oh, we go this way, that way, port side, starboard over the deep blue sea, this way that way, port side, starboard over the deep blue sea!”  The other thing that we like about this book is that there are all kinds of pirate facts at the end of the book such as facts about the parts on a pirate’s galleon ship, facts about different pirate ships, pirates around the world, and famous pirates!  There are a lot to learn about pirates!  My son recently got into pirates and loves to play pirates so this is perfect for him!
Barefoot Books has a lot of great books just like these ones.  I think they are a great place to find wonderful books for kids and I will definitely buy some Barefoot Books for my kids in the future.  They have a great selection and I am really pleased that you can find stories on a lot of different things to expand their minds to a lot of new things.  I love for my kids to keep exploring new and different things.  They also support Books for Africa to bring books to needy children in schools and libraries which I think is a very wonderful thing.  All kids should have books and I am a huge believer in that.
The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own. 
Buy It:  You can buy these wonderful titles by visiting Barefoot Books.  Don’t forget to check out all of their books as they have a very large selection of these wonderful books!  don’t forget to check out some of their free content including storytime podcasts of some of their books!  Get your kids and listen to select stories now!


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