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Clementine Art Natural Paint Review

I absolutely love natural products especially natural products for kids including art supplies.  I was given the opportunity to work with Clementine Art on a review and we were sent their Natural Paint for our use and review.  Let me start my review by telling you a little about the company.
Diana is a the teacher at Clementine Studio which is an art place for children.  The kids love to make all kinds of things with glue and glitter, paint and pom poms, you know the drill.  Kids love to make and create anything.  Since they are kids, they tend to make themselves a mess and some of them even get supplies in their mouth, etc.  Even though all the supplies were non-toxic, she wondered what else could be in the art supplies.  She went to work and that is how Clementine Art products were born!  Now she and Clementine Art have a line of completely natural art supplies including paint, glue, crayons, markers, modeling dough, and they even have crayon rocks!  Below are some images of their products:

Diana Mercer is the founder of Clementine Art and she is also an early childhood development expert.  She has created a fun art project that is great for a child’s development using their natural paint and recycled bubble wrap – Clementine Art is green!  Watch the video of this fun and exciting project.  You just might want to try it with your own kids!
The ingredients in Clementine Art Natural Paint are all natural like all other Clementine Art products.  You can see the list of ingredients and read more information about their Natural Paint by reading the product information.  Included with the Natural Paint are 6 jars of colored paint (2 oz jars).  The colors are purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.  It may not seem like a lot of paint but these have lasted quite a while as both my kids have used them a few times and there is still some left.  I’m pretty sure they can get a few more uses from it before it’s gone.
My kids love using this paint.  You can either paint with brushes or just use them as finger paints which is how my kids like to paint with them.  I think using them as finger paints are fun in a different way and are developmentally fun as well and they also work great as a sensory tool.  Finger painting also helps my 9 year old daughter with her disabilities which include mild autism. 
In order for both my kids to paint however they want without worry of my being on top of them making sure that they don’t make a mess all over my dining room, we take them out to the front porch and they have a ball!
We had them both wear one of Dad’s old t-shirts so that they wouldn’t make a mess all over their clothes
They had paper towels to wipe their hands off every once in a while but they kept wiping there hands on their shirts.
I guess they wanted to paint themselves too!

Final Thoughts…

The paint washes off hands (and arms and legs) really easy and we haven’t had a problem with any of it staining.  Even though both our kids clothes were covered, they still managed to get some on their clothing. The paint washed out of their clothes without a problem!  Clementine Art Natural Paint is also non-toxic.  If you are looking at my pictures, you see cans of fruit there.  These were there to hold down their paper to keep them from blowing.  The fruit wasn’t part of their art project. 
Clementine Art has quite a few natural art products that are all natural but they are also green.  They use soy ink on their packaging and there packaging is also made from recycled paper and they are all recyclable. 
The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own. 
Buy It:  You can buy this Natural Paint for $13.99 and other great natural art products by visiting Clementine Art.  Go ahead and check them out and have some natural art fun!
You can find Clementine Art on Twitter!
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