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eShakti Customized Clothing for Women Review

Their Mission
“To make every customer look her absolute best by providing amazing drape and always carrying any size she wants, and by letting her change the style too to suit herself.”
I have had problems finding clothes that fit me the way that I want them to after I had our first baby. And now I have three kids and I’m not the same shape as I used to be.  I am very picky about the way my clothes fit.  I just want to be comfortable.  Because of this, I have a really hard time trying to find any clothing that fit me the way that I want.  I see all kinds of really cute shirts in the store that I end up putting back. That’s because I know I would never wear them only because I am not completely happy about the way that they fit.
When I received and email from eShakti asking me if I was interested in working with him, I was more than happy too!  eShakti has every woman in mind when it comes to clothing.  No matter what size you are or what kind of style you are, you can always find something at eShakti.  Their clothing is really cute and you could look nice everyday and be comfortable at the same time!  With eShakti, I could get away from my t-shirts!  I was given the option to choose any of their items to review and I chose this really cute shirt:


I was debating over a couple of their shirts until I saw this one and I immediately fell in love with it.  The greatest thing about eShakti, you are not only going to get the size you are looking for, but you can also customize your choices!  I think this feature is awesome!  I was able to choose the length of my shirt, the neckline style, customize the size in any area like the bust or sleeves and so forth.  It was literally like finding the perfect top for me!  I love this shirt too and the flowery design is beautifully designed and the top is well made.  The fabric is also light too which is great since we are now in the warm months.  eShakti makes any customization really easy and they are great to order from!
Their orders are shipped in 3 business days including custom orders. That way you don’t have to worry if your order will be delayed if you make your own changes to them.  You don’t have to worry if eShakti doesn’t carry your size because they carry all sizes!  eShakti has a lot of different styles and designs of their tops including blouses, tunics, knits and tees. They even have different styles of dresses.  They also carry pants and they have a lot of different accessories. Like belts, jewelry, scarves, and hair accessories to finish off any look!  Below are some examples of other items that eShakti has to offer:

Final Thoughts…

eShakti is a great online store for women’s clothing.  I think the prices are great because of the quality, and sizes. Anything can be customized for each individual person.  It’s almost like they know their customers personally!  You can even choose the color in some of their clothing!  Overall, I think eShakti is a great place to find cute clothing.  I just may visit back at a later time myself to make a couple purchases!
The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own. 
You can also find eShakti on Facebook and Twitter!
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