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Melissa and Doug Toys {CSN Stores Review}

Do you do a lot of online shopping?  If you do, you may shop at tons of different online stores and sometimes you may not be able to find what you are looking for.  CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find just about anything you are looking for.  Shop for your home, furniture, outdoor living, children’s furniture, items for the office, entertainment stands, kitchen, clothing, shoes, toys and games and so much more!  They also have great prices on everything they sell.  Looking through their many different stores, I saw prices on things that are cheaper than in the store!
I was given the opportunity to work with CSN Stores on a review and it was so hard to choose what to review since you can find just about anything.  Since a lot of what I write about are kid and baby related, I thought it was fitting to choose something from their Toys and Games Store.  Even looking through that store alone, I had a hard time choosing!  I chose three different Melissa and Doug toys.
The first toy that I chose was the Melissa and Doug Fill and Spill Mailbox.  It is really cute and everything is plush so I thought it would be perfect for our little guy.  Included with this set is a plush mailbox that opens up, a plush postcard, a plush letter, a plush heart, a plush gift box with a plush teddy bear inside, and letter, postcard and gift box also has a plush stamp on them that can also be removed!
The flag on the mailbox even moves!  The age recommendations for this toy is 2 years and older but I think that’s just mainly because kids younger than that may have difficulty putting letter in the mailbox or manipulating the parts of the toys, etc.  My little guy just loves to play with it especially since he is sitting.  I don’t see any problems with him playing with it at all.  There aren’t any small pieces and they are all plush so there is nothing to get hurt on. 
I think this toy is great for learning gros motor skills, colors, the numbers 1-3 and even pretend play eventually!  He really loves the postcard and the letter because they crinkle!
The next toy we received was the Melissa and Doug Take-A-Long Tool Box.  My 4 year old just loves it.  He loves tools, building things and “fixing” things.  The tool box is made of wood just like the tools and other wooden pieces that he can build with.  There are 24 pieces including a wooden hammer, a wooden screwdriver, a wooden wrench, wooden screws and nails, and wood pieces that can be used to make something.  The age recommendations are for ages 3 years and older and all the pieces including the tool box is made of wood. 
All the pieces are painted in the colors of green, blue and yellow and they are durable.  He loves playing with it and loves to hammer in the nails into the tool box.  He can even screw in the screws and add the colored wooden pieces to the tool box as well because there are holes that allow him to do so.  I think this is a great toy to teach gross motor skills!
Last but not least, we received the Melissa and Doug Lacing Dress Up Bear.  This toy is also made of all wooden pieces and comes with a wooden bear and tons of little wooden clothes that you can lace on the bear.  It’s almost like paper dolls except that all the pieces are made of wood and instead of putting on clothing with tabs, you lace them on.  There is a princess outfit, soccer player outfit, cowgirl outfit, wedding dress and a few others.  There are also 2 laces with plastic ends so that the laces do not fray.
The age recommendations are for ages 4 years and older but even though my daughter is 9 years old, she still enjoys playing with it.  It’s great for coordination and gross motor skills which she still needs help with due to her disabilities – and it does help!  I think it’s also great for imaginative play too!  What I think is pretty cool is that not only are there a bunch of different outfits, there are also accessory pieces like a soccer ball to go with the soccer player outfit.  There is a hobby horse that goes with the cowgirl outfit.  There are also a few hats, or shoes pieces as well.  You just lace these pieces on the bear too!
If you are looking for toys, CSN Stores is a great place to shop for them.  Don’t forget that you can visit any of CSN Stores to find just about anything that you are looking for!  They have great prices on everything.  You have heard of one stop shop stores right?  Well, CSN Stores is a one stop online shop! 
The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own. 

Buy It:

CSN Stores has the Melissa and Doug Fill and Spill Mailbox for $ 23.95, the Melissa and Doug Take-A-Long Tool Box for $11.95 and the Melissa and Doug Lacing Dress Up Bear for $9.99 which I think are great prices for these toys!  Be sure to check out what else CSN Stores has to offer!
You can also find CSN Stores on Twitter and Facebook!
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