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Ouchies Bandages for Kids (New Design) Review


I was given the opportunity to work with Ouchies on a review a while back.  You may remember that Ouchies was created to give kids a stylish bandage besides those boring plain bandages.  When your child is hurt and needs a bandage, why not brighten up their day with a cool bandage?!  Some of you may remember seeing my review on Ouchies Mr. Men and Little Miss for boys and for girls.  Ouchies has two new designs in their Ouchies Jr. collection featuring Olivia and Jon Scieszka Truck Town!  I was given another opportunity to work with Ouchies on a review and was sent a tin of both designs for my review.

I think I was excited about the Olivia bandages just as much as my daughter was.  She’s 9 years old and for some reason she loves Olivia.  She will watch her on TV every once in a while and her teacher even gives her Olivia coloring pages at school.  I think it’s great for Ouchies to come out with a new character design that kids know!  Don’t get me wrong, we still love Ouchies other designs just as much.  There are 20 bandages in the tin, which is just adorable by the way!  There are 5 different bandage designs.  One of them is blue with Olivia and her friends, another with 8 Olivia’s wearing a different costume that says “Make every day extraordinary”, another with Olivia and her family, and a pink one with Olivia that says “i always feel Olivia-ish”.  I think they are really cute and my daughter just loves them.  They definitely fit her style!
As soon as my 4 year old son saw these bandages, he immediately had something wrong with him.  You know how that goes.  All the sudden there was an invisable scratch on his arm.  I thought it was pretty funny.  Needless to say, he loves them!  Again, with these there are 20 bandages with 5 different designs just like the Olivia ones.  There’s one with Jack Truck, another with Payloader Pete, another with a variety of trucks all over it, one that says “UH-OH, Max with a goofy looking truck on it and the last one is in reds and oranges with rescue vehicles on it.  These are also cute and since my son loves trucks, he definately loves these.  He’s also one of those kids that doesn’t like wearing a bandage even if he needs one.  At least with these, he doesn’t have a problem keeping one on at all!
These are just as functional as the first Ouchies bandages we received.  I love the way that these stick.  They stick pretty well but at the same time, they come off easily which I love because they don’t hurt when they come off.  I even take a few with me when our youngest little guy has to get his immunizations because it never fails that the doctor’s office bandages always fall off or they are a nightmare to come off.  I prefer to use our Ouchies!  They also come in one size (standard size) which I prefer.  We rarely use anything other than this size so it’s great that we don’t run out of the size we need because they are all the same!

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Again, I think Ouchies are wonderful and we love them.  Don’t forget that you can find Ouchies on Twitter and Facebook!
“Hide your wound, not your style!”
The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.
Buy It:  You can buy Ouchies Jr. Olivia and Jon Scieszka Truck Town bandages by visiting  You can still buy Mr. Men and Little Miss 4Boyz, 4Girlz, and Every1.  There are still Ouchies Own 4Boyz, 4Girlz, and Make ur Own.  All of their bandage designs come in a tin with 20 bandages with 5 different fun designs for $5.00 apiece. 
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