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Emotes Children’s Books and Plush Bubba Review and Giveaway (Plush Bubba) {CLOSED}

The Creation
“When the emotions of all Internet users came together, a new super-energy was created.  This energy split into unique beings, each of which represents a different emotion.  They are the Emotes!”
Emotes consists of books, comics, toys and interactive web content to help kids learn about feelings.  Emotes help kids learn how to express their feelings, what their feelings mean, and teach them that all their feelings are okay and that they are important.  They allow kids to learn about themselves, how to control their feelings and how to express them.  Kids grow up with peer pressure, bullying and prejudice which can confuse them and making them feel alone.  Emotes model forgiveness and also teach kids about confusing feelings such as fear or jealousy.  They help kids identify these feelings in not only themselves but feelings in others which may be even more confusing than their own feelings.
I was given a wonderful opportunity to work with Emotes on a review and was thrilled to have the opportunity.  I love what Emotes are all about.  We have a 4 year old son and any parent probably knows how confusing feelings can be for ones that young or even how to demonstrate those feelings.  We get quite a few temper tantrums!  Our daughter is 9 years old and due to her disabilities which include mild autism, she has a harder time than our 4 year old does.  For our use and review, we received 2 Emotes Books and a 10 inch Plush Bubba.
There are a lot of different Emotes and they all represent a different feeling.  The Plush Emotes are really cute and they are kind of squishy making them fun to cuddle with and hug.  Bubba is really cute with his great big smile and he is made really well.  He is just so cute!  Emotes Plush characters also wear “tags” with a code to gain extras and bonus games online.  There are a lot of Emotes!
Abash (The Embarrassed), Super (The Confident), Jumpi (The Shocked), Cant (The Frustrated), Ick (The Disgusted), Imp (The Mischievious), Joi (The Excited), Boom (The Angry), Mixy (The Confused), Drain (The Exhuasted), Yawni (The Bored), Amore (The Lovestruck)
Bubba (The Happy)
Special Power:  High-Pitched Deafening Laughter
There are a lot more Emotes that represent a lot more feelings!
I think the books are absolutely great.  We received “Bubba Under Pressure:  An Emotes Book About Happiness” and “Mixy’s Quest:  An Emotes Book About Confusion”.  “Bubba Under Pressure” won the Moms Choice Gold Award not long ago and “Mixy’s Quest” was recently nominated for the the same award.
“Bubba Under Pressure” starts with Bubba painting a picture because that’s what makes him happy.  He was plashing paint all over his canvas having a good time when Mixy came in and says “It looks confusing” when Bubba called it “Happiness”.  Mixy interupted him when he tried to explain why it was happy and Mixy told him he needed to do something else to find his happiness.  He wanted to stay and finish his painting but Mixy called him a cyberdud.
Bubba gave in because he didn’t want to be a cyberdud.  The story continued this way with Mixy telling him what he needs to do to be happy instead of him listening to his own feelings.  He kept feeling pressure from his friend until he figured out that no one can tell him how he feels and he should listen to his own feelings and not worry about what someone else says.  Mixy also figures out that what he was doing to Bubba was wrong.  
This book was really helpful to my daughter because she has a big problem with pressure.  We see it all the time with other kids because she is a pushover.  She doesn’t know how to really express herself and just goes along with what some other kid tells her.  The book allowed her to open up about what happened in the story and to talk about it.  If she was told that she doesn’t feel a certain way or if she is told that something couldn’t make her feel a certain way, she would go along with it and believe what she is told.  I don’t want her to have to feel that way.
In “Mixy’s Quest”, Mixy thinks he lost his feelings.  He goes on a quest to find them and kept asking all the other Emotes how they felt.  He felt lost because he didn’t know how he felt and didn’t feel the same as he usually does.  What he doesn’t realize is that all his feelings are inside of himself but doesn’t know how to find them.  He was feeling ashamed and loney and hid from his friends.
A-Net (The Mentor) tells him that his feelings are inside him and he is special.  He finally figured it out and when he did, he went back to Emotia to be with his friends but there was the Feeling Snatcher that was taking all his friends’ feelings from them!  After what he learns about himself, he helps his fellow Emote friends learn that no one can take your feelings from you.
I think both of these books are wonderful books for all kids.  They have been helpful to both our kids and the stories are interesting, fun, colorful and keeps them drawn into the story.  Our 4 year old doesn’t have the greatest attention span sometimes but he stays engaged in the story when I read them.  I think Emotes are a great way to teach kids about their feelings and everyone elses feelings around them!
Bubba is a great Emote for our son because his nickname ever since he was born was actually Bubba.  We still call him Bub to this day.  We have two very happy Bubba’s in this picture!
The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.
Buy It:  You can buy Emotes Plush characters for $19.99 and Emotes Books for $11.99 (hardcover) or $5.99 (paperback).  There are also Emotes PVC Figures, Plush Keychains, and more!  Visit Emotes today to buy yours!


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