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Envirosax Planet Green Reusable Bag Review

I have been buying reusable bags to use at the grocery store instead of collecting more plastic or paper grocery bags so I was a pretty happy lady to work with Envirosax on a review.  There are tons and tons of plastic grocery bags being wasted causing damage to our environment.  Envirosax provides an alternative to using those bags with their beautiful designer resusable bags! 
Envirosax was founded in 2004 by Belinda and Mark-Toonze.  They use renewable and recyclable products when it is possible and they operate under ecological standards.  They live in Australia with their three kids and they live completely off the grid and have an ecological lifestyle.
For my review, I received one of their adorable Planet Greenâ„¢ reusable bags.  The one that I received is number 5 in the series and I love it!  It has different shades of blue and green dots overlapping each other.  It actually looks more like a tote than one of those regular reusable bags you can get at the grocery store in the checkout line.  I can comfortably carry it on my shoulder too!

These bags are a great size with dimensions of 19.5″ x “16.5”.  You can also carry a decent amount of weight in them too because they can hold a whopping 44 pounds!  I especially love using this bag when I have a small amount of things to get at the grocery store.  I can fill it with a decent amount of baby formula or baby food inside in one trip.  I usually buy those items at a separate time because we usually go somewhere other than where we usually shop for groceries.
It folds up into just a little thing to make it so easy to carry with you in your purse too!  It folds up really easy and snaps closed so it stays that way until you use it.  This bag is made really well and is really durable.  It’s also waterproof so if we happen to be having one of our monsoon moments of rains here lately, I don’t have to worry about anything getting wet.  I have also used this bag for other things.  I can use it to take to the beach, carry items we may need when we go to the park or the zoo, etc.  It’s also great having an extra bag tucked away in your purse because you never know when you just might need an extra bag!
Envirosax offers a lot of different bag designs and they are all really cute.  They even have designs for kids!  What I think is pretty cool is that they have matching pouches for their bags so you can carry 5 of them in one of their pouches.  They even have water bottles and messenger bags! 
You can also find Envirosax on Facebook and Twitter!
The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.
Buy It:  Visit Envirosax to buy this bag for $8.50.  There are also four other designs in this series as well and quite a few different design series’.   These designer bags are a great way to be eco-friendly and be stylish at the same time!  I think they are great!

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