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{Everything Summer} HearthSong Great Big Outdoor Playball Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

HearthSong has a lot of really great toys.  They have toys for imaginative play, outdoor play, games and puzzles, arts and crafts, and so much more.  Not too long ago, I worked with HearthSong on a review of their Crafty Egg Decorating kit and was given another great opportunity to work with them again.  This time, my family was sent their 52 inch Great Big Outdoor Playball for our use and review!  The GBOP is from HearthSong’s amazing HS Active Collection.  Included in their HS Active Collection are a lot of great toys to get kids outside!
The Great Big Outdoor Playball is a whopping 52 inches!  They also have a GBOP Jr which is 36 inches which is great for ages 3 years and older.  If the 52 inch GBOP isn’t big enough for you, check out their Incred-A-Ball which is a 65 inch ball!  When we first recieved our Great Big Outdoor Playball, our kids couldn’t wait to get it outside to play with it.  I have never seen them so excited about something before.  Unfortunately, the day we recieved it, it was raining.  It actually took a while before we could get outside because we went through a period when all we had was rain.  My husband really wanted to inflate it and after waiting and waiting, he decided to inflate it inside.

Even though we knew it was 52 inches, we still wanted to actually see it.  When you say 52 inches, you know it’s big but you don’t realize just how big until it’s sitting in your living room!  I would not suggest inflating it indoors by the way unless you have really big doors.  This was something that my husband didn’t think about and we couldn’t get it out the front door!  We had to deflate half of it to get it outside.  This wasn’t too much of a problem because along with the GBOP, HearthSong also sent us this amazing air pump that inflated pretty quickly and actually has a reverse feature to deflate it for you!
The biggest thing that I love about the GBOP is that instead of being made like a beach ball, it is made up of a lot of different sections.  Each one of these sections fill up with air individually which may sound like a pain but really it’s a great thing it was designed this way.  For one thing, it was easier to deflate half of it to get it out our front door, but it’s a safety feature.  Your kids can actually climb inside the ball so if your GBOP happens to get puctured, you are only going to have that one section deflate so that the whole thing doesn’t collapse on your kids if they are inside.
Our kids absolutely love the Great Big Outdoor Playball!  The 52 inch version is recommended for ages 6 and older but I felt it was okay for our 4 year old son to play with it along with his sister.  If you only have smaller kids, I would probably go with the smaller version because this ball really is pretty big!
It’s fun to push around the yard!
Climb inside!
Or jump inside and roll down the hill!
The GBOP doesn’t really roll very fast down a hill (at least with your child inside) which was what I was worried about.  The way it’s designed doesn’t really allow it to get out of control.  With my daughter’s weight and the fact that it’s an inflated ball, she has control the whole time.  I would recommend that your child moves around in the ball like a hampster does in his hampster ball only so that they don’t flop around all over the place inside.  When she was going down the hill, she was lying flat although she wasn’t bouncing around that much but still I think it’s safer the other way.  She can also move around in the ball a lot easier that way.
At first our son wouldn’t get inside of it but eventually he did when his sister was in it.  I don’t let them move around in the ball with both of them inside it though.  If they are just sitting inside of it, I don’t mind.  I was actually surprised that our daughter got inside of it due to her autistic tendencies.  She is afraid of doing anything that is new and the GBOP has slightly opened the doors for other things.  I think it’s kind of therapeutic for her and kind of goes along with some of the things she does in occupational therapy. 
The Great Big Outdoor Playball is made really well.  The material is rather thick and even though it comes with a couple patches in case you need to make a repair, we still haven’t had to.  We even get all kinds of little sticks in our yard all the time too.  We do pick them up when we see them though.  Keep in mind that when it is hot outside, it gets hot inside the ball too.  That’s only to be expected so every now and then, I make our kids get out of it for a break. 
We absolutely love the Great Big Outdoor Ball from HearthSong and our kids now have a new favorite outside toy.  I think their swingset is getting a much deserved break!  I think the GBOP is a great way to get kids active as it sure has gotten our kids active!
The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.
Buy It:  Visit HearthSong to buy your Great Big Outdoor Playball!  Don’t forget to check out all their other great products including a lot of really great toys and outdoor items for the outdoors this summer!
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