Little man had his 9 month check-up today….

We took Little E to the doctor today for his 9 month check-up.  They had to take blood from his toe to for a lead test (one of those things his pediatrician does at this age) which he did not like at all.  At least he didn’t get any shots on top of that today!

Check up!

He’s doing everything he is supposed to be doing now and he is doing great.  We have to start him on a diet – no, not really but he weighs 25 pounds and is 29 inches long.  His pediatrician told us he is as big as an average 15 month old is supposed to be!  With his length he is proportionate though.  We are going to try to cut out one of his bottles throughout the day.  He usually has five 6 ounce bottles and she wants him to only have about 24 ounces of formula a day.
That’s not really a big deal since we are trying to get him to drink from a sippy cup and giving him food that he can pick up to eat himself.  He’s just a big happy boy!

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