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Our Trip to The Zoo and Lots of Pictures!

You may have read my earlier post that we were heading to the zoo on Saturday.  We went and had a lot of fun!  Since we have our membership, we are planning on going a few times this summer and are planning on going to Boo at the Zoo and Wildlights when those events come up!  I took tons of pictures but there’s no way I can post all 130 of them so I will post my favorites!
Here are our two older kids when we first walked into the Zoo
The first part of the world we visited was North America
We immediately headed to see the Polar Bears but along the way, we saw the Brown Bear.  We missed out on the Timberwolf because he was hiding somewhere
Polar Frontier
In the Polar Frontier is also the Arctic Wolf but we didn’t get to see him but we did see the Polar Bears!
They are really beautiful aren’t they?
The Columbus Zoo also has an underground Polar Bear viewing area where you can see them swimming in the water.  They were on the surface this time so maybe the nest time we go, we will get to see them swimming.  I think it would be amazing to watch!
In the Polar Frontier, there was even a Polar Bear that greated everyone!  Our four year old son wouldn’t go anywhere near him.  He touched his paw and that was enough for him but our daughter gave him a big hug!
Here are all four of my Polar Bears sitting with the Polar Bear Sculptures.  My hubby is the biggest holding onto our littlest Bear
We also saw the Moose and finally saw the Bison.  We got lucky on that one because I was starting to think that the Zoo was just pretending to have one because we have never seen him before
We saw a lot more animals including the American Bald Eagle and I would have posted that picture but they look really small so I figured they would be hard to see.  We did get a picture of our daughter hugging and American Bald Eagle and again, our son didn’t want anything to do with it!
We then headed off to Asia Quest
We were all having a great time including little man even though he was stuck in his stroller most of the time.  But he loves stroller rides!
That is until he passed out!
We saw just about everything.  There were a few animals that we didn’t get to see but overall, it was a pretty good day for the animals even thought it looked like it was going to rain all day
I just love the lions ans the tigers!  There are even baby lions!  The tigers were being lazy that day
I swear every time we go to the zoo, this is where the king is always laying
Aren’t they cute and beautiful at the same time?
We also saw the manatees and the aquarium but there were a few places we didn’t get to like Australia so we didn’t get to walk throught the kangaroo habitat but that’s okay.  We were lucky to miss the rain and got out of there right before the storms rolled in!
We had such a great day and had a lot of fun even though my feet hurt because I wore my flip flops instead of shoes and my legs felt it the next day!  It was worth it.  If you get the chance to visit the Columbus Zoo, make sure you do!  Of course visiting any zoo is always fun!

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7 thoughts on “Our Trip to The Zoo and Lots of Pictures!

  1. I like how the zoo is divided geographically. I have a goal of visiting all 50 states before I die, so thank you for giving me an idea of a place to visit whenever I make it to Ohio.

  2. We just went to our local zoo on Monday (since Momma is on vacation) and we had a blast. It was feeding time so the lions werre roaring!!! We have penguins this yr but they are only out an hour a day until they are use to their new surroundings….WE MISSED EM!!! We sat and watched the monkeys for half an hour….they remind us of daddy (just kidding)

  3. Looks like everyone had a blast! I am the same with with taking a million pictures and I always want to post all them on my blog- it's so hard to choose! I'm glad you had fun and missed the rain!

  4. It looks great, I've been meaning to make the trip one of these days.I would love to have a Jack Hanna sighting, I've had a huge crush on him forever!

  5. Super cute! My little guy loves going to the Zoo! But we go to the San Diego Zoo 😀

  6. We love the Columbus zoo too. I think they still have Clevelands elephants.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  7. I love the Columbus Zoo. My family and I live in Ohio also and we try to go every year. This year we plan to go in September or late August because last year we went the first week of July and you had a great time.

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