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Simple Green Naturals Household Cleaners Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

I absolutely love trying new household cleaners even though I really don’t like cleaning.  Having three kids at home, I like to use natural cleaners as much and as often as I can.  I was thrilled to be given a great opportunity to work with Simple Green on a review.  We were sent the whole Simple Green Naturals line (except their Simple Green Naturals Dilutable Concentrated Cleaner).  There were 7 products in all and I love every single one of them! 
With three kids, a husband, and having our dog and cat, carpet cleaner is a must in my household.  I am leary about what I use on my carpets since our little guy plays on the floor now and will soon be crawling all over the place.  I was really excited that one of the products in the Simple Green Naturals line is Carpet Care!  It’s really easy to use and works great.  I don’t know how many juice spills we get on our carpet.  All I had to do was spray the cleaner on the spill, let it sit a few minutes (it’s recommended that you do), then rub the spot lightly then dab to soak up the spot.  I was really surprised at how well it worked.
For the red and purple juice spills I had the other day, I had to repeat the process again because you could still slightly see the spot.  After the second time, I couldn’t really notice anything had been there.  Simple Green Naturals Carpet Care is “free and clear” and there aren’t any added scents or color.  Even though it doesn’t have any added scents, it does have a “clean” smell and I really like it.
The Simple Green Naturals Floor Care was something I had to get used to.  I’m used to dumping so much floor cleaner into my mop bucket and filling the rest with water to mop my floor.  Simple Green Naturals Floor Care comes in a spray bottle like the Carpet Care and other cleaning products and I wasn’t sure how this was going to work on my floor since my husband likes to track mud through my kitchen.  Again, I was pretty surprised by how well the Floor Care works.  All you have to do is spray the floor in the sections that you want to spray it on and clean with a damp mop, or towel if you choose.  The Floor Care scent is “sparkling spruce” which also smells pretty good.
It’s recommended that you go over your floor with clean water and your mop to get a thoroughly clean floor.  I went over my floor like that in a quick fashion, then sprayed the heavier soiled sections of my floor.  Then using my mop with clean water, went over my whole floor again and even though I only sprayed a few sections, the cleaner was on my mop and cleaned the whole floor and again, worked really well and I was pretty impressed!
The Simple Green Naturals Bathroom Cleaner worked wonders in my bathroom.  It has a really great scent to it too (all natural of course) of rosemary, spearmint, orange and grapefruit.  It smells really good.  It’s great for cleaning anything in the bathroom whether it’s my sink and counter area, the bathtub or toilet.  It works really well on soap scum and I didn’t have to scrub much.  There were only a few times I had to scrub but for the most part, everything wiped clean pretty easily.  The best part is, there aren’t any fumes or bad smells from the cleaner in a small room which I can’t take most of the time.
Simple Green Naturals Multi-Surface Care has been by new buddy cleaning up messes in my kitchen.  It’s great to use on counter tops, appliances, tables, walls, just about any hard surfaces.  This cleaner has a “lemon verbena” scent that also smells pretty good.  The ingredients include plant based surfactants that clean oily soils and messes and does a pretty good job at doing so.  I have used it to clean off my counters and my stove top and was pretty happy with the results.  My stove top can get pretty messy so there were a couple times that I had to go over it but I still liked how it worked.  Cleaning my dining room table can be a nightmare sometimes too because I usually only use dish soap and water to clean it because I don’t like using cleaners on a table we eat off of.  I feel safe using Simple Green Naturals Multi-Surface for this purpose and has made cleaning my dining room table a lot easier.
The Simple Green Naturals Glass and Surface Care has the same kind of scent as the bathroom cleaner does.  It works really well on glass and mirrors.  My windows were pretty grimy because to be honest, it was the first time that I cleaned my windows for a few months.  I just don’t pay much attention to my windows and if I did, I would be cleaning my kids’ fingerprints off all the time.  I have to say it works really well on windows and mirrors.  It works best on cool, dry surfaces though but I think that’s with just about anything.  For example, you probably won’t get very good results on your bathroom mirror if it’s all foggy from someone taking a shower.  Wait until it’s dry and the cleaner works really well with just using a paper towel.  I never had a problem with streaks either whether I was cleaning my mirrors or windows.  My husband likes using it on the car windows and you know how dirty car windows can get!
My hands are very touchy when it come to dish liquid.  There is usually only one kind of dish liquid that I can use but I won’t mention any other brands.  I was very, very pleased that Simple Green Naturals Dish Washing Liquid was very kind to my hands.  In fact, it made my hands softer!  I don’t wash many dishes in our house because I don’t like doing them for one and we have a dishwasher to do the work for us.  I do however, always wash little guy’s baby bottles.  I have to make sure they are clean myself so they never go in the dishwasher.  Anyway, the Dish Washing Liquid suds up really well and the suds do not disapear too quickly.  They stay there until I’m finished which I greatly appreciate.  It rinses off really well too and I noticed it rinses a lot faster than some other dish liquids we have used.  Most importantly, it cleans well and cuts grease and grime pretty awesomely!  Even though we use our dishwasher constantly (energy saver mode), there have been some pretty greasy pans that I have washed myself because they didn’t fit.  Two soft thumbs up!  It also has a really nice citrus scent to it.
The Simple Green Naturals Liquid Hand Soap was the hardest scent to get used to.  It has an “herb garden” scent that was a little weird to me at first but I quickly got used to it and actually ended up liking it.  It cleans hands really well – even the marker off my son after he decided to draw on himself last week.  It’s formulated not to remove oils from skin which I believe because it doesn’t dry my skin out at all.  Like the Dish Washing Liquid, it makes my hands soft too and it’s a great soap to use every day.  I usually have to switch the soap that I use because the skin on my hands tend to dry really easy.  I can use this hand soap every day without a problem!  The pump bottle is also easy for my kids to use.
Overall, I absolutely love all these wonderful products from Simple Green!  They all work very well and I feel a lot better using them over other cleaning products that can be harmful to my family and pets.  Another thing I love about these products are that they are really colorful.  I don’t know why but I was really excited when I opened my box and saw all the different colors of the bottles.  I get excited easy I know! 
The Simple Green Naturals Family

“Simple Green Naturals are 100% naturally derived, with ingredients originating from nature: chicory, coconut, corn, palm, naturally occurring minerals, salt and sugar, and water. Nothing else.”
Naturals are safer, effective products that offer:

• 100% natural ingredient sources • Non-toxic formulations • Biodegradable formulations • No animal testing • Full ingredient disclosure • International scientifically-accepted ingredient names • Naturals scents are IFRA compliant and made of 100% natural essential oils & plant extracts. • 100% recyclable PETE plastic bottles with 25%+ post-consumer content, printed with soy inks • Natural Versus Naturally Derived

The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.

Buy It:  Visit you can buy these products by visiting Simple Green.  You can also buy the Simple Green Naturals products at Lowe’s Hardware and Home Improvement Centers nationwide.

Win It!  Simple Green is generously giving my readers a chance to win these great products for themselves!  One of my lucky readers will win all 7 products in the Simple Green Naturals line shown in the picture above! (except for the dilutable concentrated cleaner) Approximate Value $28.00

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