I Have Been Awarded an A Blog With Substance Award!

I received and email from Traci66 telling me that she had an award for me.  She has given my blog A Blog With Substance Award!  Thank you Traci for this awesome Award!
The Rules:


*Thank the blogger who awarded it to you
*Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five (5) words

*Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance.

Again, thank you Traci!

Using only five words is a little difficult.  I have been thinking about it so here goes:
I love blogging!  Let’s face it, blogging is just….well – Fun!
My family plays a big part in my blogging life.  I like to write about my family and kids even in all the reviews that I write.  With all my followers, great blogs that I read, you all kind of feel like family too!
Blogging is my relaxing time.  It’s mommy time.  When I get to sit down at my computer to do what I love in my free time, it’s when my kids are busy or sleeping.  It’s my time to sit down and relax and do what I enjoy doing.
Blogging is exciting every day.  I get to meet new people, read others’ blogs, it’s always exciting to read new comments, get a new follower, the list could go on and on!  Of course it was also very exciting to receive this award!
Ever since I started blogging, I have to say it’s been pretty rewarding.  I have gotten all these great opportunities to work with a lot of great sponsors so that I can write my reviews and host these great giveaways!
I think these five words sum it up pretty well!
Now onto the hard part.  There are so many blogs that I follow and love and I could only choose 10 of them.  It was really hard because you are all so wonderful!  The list of the blogs that I have given this award to is not in any order.


Granny Loves Gift Baskets

Coolest Kid Reviews
Mom of Boys With Toys
A Stay-At-Home Mom’s Frugal Finds and Reviews
Bizzi-Mommi’s Blog
Carrie’s Rambles
Thanks, Mail Carrier
Raising a Quiver Full
2 Wired 2 Tired
Home Grown Families






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2 thoughts on “I Have Been Awarded an A Blog With Substance Award!

  1. Congratulations!! You list is wonderful and your blog incredible! You definitely deserve it. Thank you so much for passing it along to me! That really means a lot!! Hugs…

  2. You're too sweet, Nicole! Congratulations on receiving this award and thank you so much for passing some blog love my way! And I completely agree with your 5 words, I feel exactly the same way about blogging 🙂

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