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Our Germ Free Party Sponsored by OutLast

Did you know that most hand sanitizers last only 2 minutes? OutLast Hand Sanitizer works for up to 6 hours.  I love OutLast Hand Sanitizer after I used it for the first time.  In fact, all of my party guests loved it when they tried it.  It kills 99.99% of germs instantly and it is alcohol-based.  There are a couple things about hand sanitizer (generally speaking) that I don’t like.  First of all, they usually makes my hands dry out.  Some of them leave a sticky feeling.  OutLast Hand Sanitizer actually moisturizes skin and I love how it makes my skin feel.  I think everyone at my party agreed on that one.
All guests received a goodie bag with a sample of OutLast Hand Sanitizer, an OutLast handout and a card with all kinds of information about “Bag-teria”.  
A few of my guests with their goodies: 

Activities for the Kids

The kids had a lot of fun too!  I was given some ideas for activities or mini experiments which one of them included the “Balloon Ah-Chooo!”  This was demonstrated by an adult and the kids just watched.  What we did was filled a balloon with glitter and blew the balloon up, pretended to sneeze and let all the glitter fly out of the balloon.  The kids were just close enough to see the demonstration.  We didn’t need anyone getting glitter in their eyes.
After we did that, we explained to them that the glitter was like germs that are spread when we don’t cover our noses or mouths when we sneeze.  They liked this little experiment or demonstration! With the supplies that we sent for our OutLast party, I received some sticker scenes and the kids loved them.  They were science lab scene sheets with all kinds of stickers to make their own scenes! 


We had fun discussing “Bag-teria”.  Did you know that our purses can be harboring bacteria and germs?  In a study, it was found that out of 50 women’s purses, half of them tested for coliform bacteria and one of four purses tested positive for E. coli germs.  Scary stuff isn’t it?  You definitely don’t want to sit your purse on the floor or counters of public bathrooms and should always have a “home” for your purse.  None of us knew that!  Since I received this opportunity to host this party, I received a Clipa Instant Handbag Hanger which I demonstrated how to use it and everyone tried it out for themselves. 
There was so much we didn’t know and we learned a lot.  We had a lot of fun and enjoyed our informative, germ free party!
OutLast is a trademark of Healthpoint, Ltd.
Instant Handbag Hanger is a registered trademark of Topcor LLC
I was not compensated to host this party.  Samples and other supplies were supplied by MomSelect and OutLast for free to host my party.  Any opinions expressed in my post are completely 100% my own.  Special thanks to MomSelect and OutLast for giving me this opportunity!

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