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Tanner’s Tasty Paste Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

I have always had a problem getting my kids to brush their teeth.  It’s more our 9 year old daughter than our 4 year old son since he is still using training tooth paste because he still isn’t a very good spitter.  Our daughter uses regular toothpaste and doesn’t like the taste of toothpaste.  She prefers toothpaste for kids but a lot of kid toothpaste that you find in the store has artificial coloring and flavors which I don’t like.
I received an email from Megan Norris at Lady Luxe Inc. introducing me to their new client, Tanner’s Tasty Paste and asked me if I would be interested in reviewing Tanner’s Tasty Paste line and of course I jumped on board!  Tanner’s Tasty Paste was started by a mom pediatric dentist, Dr. Janelle Holden and working with kids everyday, she came up with a great line of toothpaste that all kids would enjoy.  I was very intrigued by the flavors that Tanner’s Tasty Paste offers because I have never seen these kind of flavors in a kids toothpaste before.  What’s even better about it is that Tanner’s Tasty Paste is made of all natural ingredients which makes this mom pretty happy!
We received a full product size of Cha Cha Chocolate, full product size of Baby Bling, and quite a few samples of Banilla Bling!  My kids absolutely love it!
My daughter loves Cha Cha Chocolate.  She likes Banilla Bling too but her favorite is Cha Cha Chocolate.  I tried all of them myself and I have to admit, brushing my teeth with something that tastes like chocolate was a little strange but I’m telling you, it was really good!  It even has a really good chocolate smell too and it doesn’t taste a whole lot like toothpaste.  It’s really creamy, doesn’t foam, and it’s definitely not gritty like other toothpastes can be.  It really does have a great chocolate flavor which is why my daughter likes it so much.  It’s kind of weird too because even though this is her favorite, she’s not a big chocolate eater!
Banilla Bling is also has a great flavor.  It is a vanilla ice cream flavor and again, tastes very close to vanilla ice cream.  Banilla Bling is also creamy, non foaming and doesn’t feel gritty either.  Both Cha Cha Chocolate and Banilla Bling contain anti-cavity fluoride with Xylitol so it is only recommended for children 2 years and older as long as they are spitting and rinsing out their mouths well. 
Our 4 year old son uses Baby Bling.  It is also a vanilla ice cream flavor as well but it is slightly milder than Banilla Bling.  Baby Bling contains Xylitol as well but is flouride free and is safe to swallow which is why our 4 year old uses it because he still has a problem with spitting and rinsing so he still swallows a little toothpaste from time to time.  Baby Bling also has a great flavor and our son loves it.  We even use it to clean little man’s gums and 5 teeth he has (yep, another tooth!).  Baby Bling is also non-foaming! 
Tanner’s Tasty Paste contains no Saccharin or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or artificial colors or flavors.  It’s an all natural toothpaste with great flavors for kids – and adults, dentist approved and fights cavities!  My kids love Tanner’s Tasty Paste and since we have been using it, we haven’t had to fight our daughter with brushing her teeth!  It cleans really well and is easy to rinse.  I think Tanner’s Tasty Paste even makes brushing teeth more fun!
The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.
Buy It:  Visit Tanner’s Tasty Paste to buy yours today!  Manufacturer’s price is $6.00 but it is a natural toothpaste for kids with great flavors!
Win It!  Thanks to Tanner’s Tasty Paste, one of my lucky readers will win a prize pack that includes 4 tubes of Cha Cha Chocolate!
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  8. I learned that if a permanent tooth gets knocked out you should handle the tooth by the (top) crown, not the root portion. You may rinse the tooth, but DO NOT clean or handle the tooth unnecessarily. Try to reinsert it in its socket. If you cannot reinsert the tooth, transport the tooth in a cup containing milk.

    I did not know this!


  9. Tanner's Tasty Paste is the ONLY toothpaste that my daughter will use. What I learned on this visit to their site is that Banilla Bling is out of stock! You can also buy a case of 12 for a wholesale cost of $3/tube.
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  19. I learned that Dr. Holden has found that when a child has an enjoyable, rewarding experience at their first dental visit, their entire dental life is positively affected.

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