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EcoStore Products Review

EcoStore has a lot of great natural plant based products.  They were founded more than 15 years ago and their products range from bath and body products, houshold products, hair products, pet care and baby careEcoStore makes all their products with “No nasty chemicals” which I love with three kids at home.  I received an opportunity to work with EcoStore on a review and chose to review some of their baby care products and I was sent an 8oz bottle of their Baby Moisturizer, an 8oz bottle of their Baby Body Wash, and a 2.8oz bar of their Goat’s Milk Baby Soap.
EcoStore Baby Body Wash cleans my little guy’s skin really well.  It doesn’t have the typical “baby” scent that you would usually find with a lot of baby products because it is plant based and doesn’t have any chemicals.  It doesn’t really have a strong smell and it has a decent scent to it.  It’s more of a clean scent and I really like it.  I think he smells clean after a bath.  We like it!  It also lathers pretty well and rinses off easily too without leaving any residue that I have noticed.  With other baby washes, Little E is always very slippery when we take him out of the tub but with EcoStore Baby Body Wash, he is a little less slippery to me.  Still slippery, just not as much in my opinion.  There was one time that we were using it that a little bit of it mixed with water dripped down his face.  I don’t know for sure if any of it ended up in his eyes or not but either way, it didn’t irritate him at all.  Not only did it clean and make him smell fresh and clean, it also left his skin feeling really soft!
I also really like the Baby Moisturizer.  It does have a slight “lotion” smell to it and again, it smells clean.  It has a very light scent to it but after you apply it to your skin, you can’t really smell it.  This is another thing that I like with products being used by or for my kids.  They don’t need any extra ingredients including artificial fragrance and other artificial ingredients.  I really like their Baby Moisturizer just as much as I do the Baby Body Wash.  It leaves skin feeling soft, absorbs into skin fairly quickly and easily and doen’t really leave skin feeling greasy or sticky either.  I have even used it on my own skin and I have to say, I really like it.  I like the way it makes my skin feel.     

I have used other natural products such as these and really wasn’t completely happy with the way they smelled.  They were all frangrance free but I still wasn’t completely happy with the way they smelled but I am pretty happy with the way these EcoStore products smell just as much as I am with their performance.

EcoStore Baby Soap has a very light lavender scent to it and it smells pretty good too.  I love that it is a light scent and like the Baby Body Wash and Baby Moisturizer, it has a clean smell.  It also lathers pretty well when using a wash cloth and cleans skin without leaving any residue that I have noticed.  It too leaves skin feeling soft.  After using these products, I think it’s safe to say that they are great for Little E’s skin – including my own!

With “No nasty chemicals” and the performance of these products, I feel these products are great for my family. 

Buy It:  You can buy these products from EcoStore by visiting their website.  Baby Body Wash-$10.00, Baby Moisturizer-$10.00, and Baby Soap-$4.00.

You can also check out the EcoStore Blog for more news and information and you can also find EcoStore on Facebook and Twitter!

This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided for free by EcoStore for this review.  I was not paid to write my post and any opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own.

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