Man I hate computers sometimes…It’s been a long weekend before it even started

Man I hate computers sometimes…

It was Wednesday when I last posted.  Shortly after that it started storming and so I decided to shut down my computer in case we lost power (that tends to happen to us quite frequently).  Anyway, as I was shutting it down properly, guess what?  The power went out for a whole 2 seconds and killed my computer.

I was very sad.

Really, I was.  Yup, computer crashed and damaged the hard drive.  I was upset, very mad, and freaking out big time.  For one thing, half my life is on my computer.  Well, not really but we do have a lot of personal files, music (you don’t even want to know how much) and all my digital pictures.  My pictures date back since our 9 year old daughter was a baby. 

I cried.

And cried.

And cried some more.

Then another realization hit me.  My emails.  I need to have my emails.  We have used Outlook for our emails because it was so much easier to read and manage than logging into our Road Runner account online. 

The problem.

Since Outlook retrieves all your emails from your email account, the emails are saved onto your computer and you use Outlook to send and receive email.  Well, when your email is brought down to your computer, it is no longer in your email account.  See the problem?  My hard drive is damaged.  At that point in time, we not only lost everything, I lost all my emails! 

Needless to say, I totally freaked.

If I didn’t have my emails, writing my blog reviews and or giveaways was about to become impossible.  I have a lot of sponsors, companies, and PR Reps counting on me to do what I am supposed to do.  The only way around this problem was to buy a cheap used computer until we can get a new one.  Now I have a beast of a computer.  It’s one of those old big ones.  It’s not too bad.  A bit slower than what we had but at the same time, I was used to the speed our computer had.  I would literally fly through web pages.

I hate computers sometimes…

The next step was to see if there was any way that we could recover our files – and my emails off the hard drive.  Hubby was my rock.  He kind of kept me hopeful because he knew how upset I was about losing everything and he knows the work I put into my blog and how important it is.  We headed over to my mom’s house to see what we could do.

We put in our hard drive as a secondary drive in her computer to see if it would read the hard drive.  He had to keep working at it because for the longest time it just wasn’t wasn’t showing up.  Finally it did. 


We were able to copy everything over to my mom’s computer and we were able to retrieve it all.  The stress and worry was immediately gone and I could breathe again!  I was able to get my email file so I have all my emails back.  I still have a lot of work though.  For one thing, I’m never using Outlook again.  I’m not taking the chance of losing my emails like that again.  Since I’m not using Outlook anymore, I have to copy my emails one by one, and paste them into an email to send them to myself so that they will be in my inbox when I log into my email account.  So in other words, I haven’t lost anything.  We are just in the process of transferring everything over to this other computer.

Oh what a nightmare!

Good news is, I have everything that I lost and since I have all my emails, I am definitely back in business!  Tomorrow, we are venturing to the Caves for our last summer adventure with the kids before school starts.  I will definitely post pictures!  By Sunday evening, I should have everything re-installed on our newly old beastly computer and will be posting more reviews and giveaways!

I want to apologize to our sponsors for any reviews and or giveaways that may have been a little delayed and give them a special thank you for their patience.  Everything is pretty much back to normal and I will be posting away again in a day or two!    

I hate computers sometimes…

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4 thoughts on “Man I hate computers sometimes…It’s been a long weekend before it even started

  1. Aw, sorry you lost your hard drive! 🙁 I know how you feel! A couple months ago I was in the middle of reading my e-mails when my screen went black and blanked out! I thought just like you that it was the battery .. BUT it unfortunately wasnt when I realized my laptop was already plugged into the battery charger! We tried every single thing before we realized it was the backlight that went out! That is what lights up your screen to see what is on it. We ended up buying a new laptop after we tried to work on it with no luck! 🙁

  2. so cool you were able to recover everything. I think I might do a backup tonight just in case. I can't remember the last time i did that.

  3. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that! Yikes! What a nightmare! I'm glad it is all better now. I would have cried too!!

  4. bless your heart! thats crazy! glad your back and running again tho =) have fun tomorrow!

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