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Twin Sisters 50 Toddler Sing-A-Long Songs Review

Twin Sisters is owned by fraternal twins, Kim Thompson and Karen Hilderbrand.  Kim taught first grade and would bring music into the classroom singing their spelling words, clap to the rythms, and singing songs while learning.  I have done this myself.  Making up songs so that I remember things and so forth which is something I like to do with my own kids.  Like Twin Sisters, I think music and song are a great way for kids to learn.  They have fun and learn at the same time and really is a great way to remember things that you need to remember!  Kim and Karen work together and the first song they wrote was “Rap With The Facts” and recorded their first album with Hal Wright being the beginning of Twin Sisters.  I was given a wonderful opportunity to work with Twin Sisters on a review and was sent a copy of their 50 Toddler Sing-A-Long Songs.

50 Toddler Sing-Along Songs

 50 Toddler Sing-A-Long Songs is a set of two CDs with 25 great songs on each one.  You can click on the image above to be taken directly to Twin Sisters 50 Toddler Sing-A-Long Songs page where the track listing is available.  There are a lot of songs that I remember when I was a kid that I had almost forgotten.  There are others that I have never heard before which is just as refreshing as bringing back memories.  I am so glad that “Six Little Ducks” is on this CD.  That was one of my favorite songs when I was a kid and was one of the ones that I had forgotten about.  Our littlest guy has a toy that plays the tune of this song and I knew I knew it but couldn’t think of it for the life of me.  It’s a very catchy song and I still love it.  I sing it myself all the time and our 4 year old sings along with me!  “The one little duck with the feather on his back, he lead the others with a quack, quack, quack…”

 With this collection of songs, you and your child can sing together for a long time.  These are wonderful songs that will be cherished forever including the “Eensy Weensy Spider”, Hey Diddle Diddle”, “The Muffin Man”, The Wheels on the Bus”, Row, Row, Row Your Boat”, “Humpty Dumpty”, and “I’ve Been Working on The Railroad” just to name a few.  Like I said, there are some that are completely new to me or ones that I don’t remember at all and they are all fun.  I think they are educational too.

Another thing that I love about these songs is that they sound different.  They have the same tune and the same lyrics but some of the music is different.  Some of them sound jazzy and with “Hickery, Dickery Dock”, the music is sounds like it is played by or sounds like a clock actually making the music.  It’s really cute and I think making these fun, classic toddler songs a little different makes it great that they can also learn about different genres of music.

Our 4 year old loves singing these songs and our 9 year old does too.  My 4 year old and I like to sing along together, clapping out rythms, etc. and I love singing to our little man who will be a year old next month.  He loves it too and he laughs and claps along.  He even tries to dance a little!  What really makes me happy to see is little man trying to make out motions that we created for these songs too.  “A Is For Alligator” and “The ABC Song is really great for learning about letters and the alphebet!

The other great thing about it is that all the lyrics are included on the discs and you can print them from your computer.  We have done this and our 4 year old likes to sing along with the lyrics and has also helped him learn to read some of the words if he sees them in a book because he remembers them from following along while singing.  I definitely think Twin Sisters 50 Toddler Sing-A-Long Songs are great and we love them all.  There have even been a few times we have listened to them in the car.  They aren’t songs that annoy parents in our opinion.  They are fun for the whole family to sing along!

Buy It:  Visit Twin Sisters to buy your copy today for $9.99 and don’t forget to check out their other great products!
This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided for free by Twin Sisters for this review. I was not paid to write my post and any opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own.
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