Yummy Dough Giveaway Ending Tonight!

Do your kids like to play with clay or play dough?
Do they like to make their own cookies?
Well, combine the two together and you can have both
Yummy Dough!
Yummy Dough is edible dough.  Have your kids create and then eat their creations!
You can enter our giveaway for a chance to win a box of Yummy Dough!
Our Yummy Dough Giveaway ends in a couple hours at 11:59pm EST
We still have fairly LOW ENTRIES!
On another note, most of you might have read my earlier post about my computer crashing.  We have everything back on track but due to that little issue, I got a little behind on things including announcing winners.  I apologize for the delay and plan to have winner’s posted some time tomorrow!
I will also be posting more giveaways including a few more for my Everything Summer event and I have a lot more Back to School reviews/giveaways on the way!

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