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Full Circle Green Cleaning Supplies Review

Green.  Clean.  Stylish.
“An impact in your home
without an impact on the environment”
Come Clean.  Full Circle.
Full Circle provides their customers with a wide variety of green eco-friendly cleaning products and they are great too!  Not only are their products green and eco-friendly, they are also very stylish and in my opinion, look really cute in anyones kitchen!  I was given the opportunity to work with Full Circle on a review and was sent a few of their products to try out and I absolutely love them!  I was sent the Be Good Dish Brush, Reach Bottle Brush, Scoop Sponge, and one of their Stick em’ Magnetic Kitchen Towels.
The Be Good Dish Brush’s bristles are made from recycled plastic and the handle is made from renewable bamboo that is finished with natural oils.  The handle is very durable and the bristles clean really well.  I can scrub almost anything off my dishes.  I do use my dishwasher (on energy saver mode, of course) a lot but we have some dishes that doesn’t get rinsed very well before they go in the wash.  My hubby is good at this.  After some of them sit, they can’t just be rinsed.  This is where my Be Good Dish Brush comes in handy.  It’s very comfortable to hold and to use and like I said, cleans very well!
I can honestly say that Full Circle’s Reach Bottle Brush is absolutely amazing!  It’s made from recycled plastic and recycled stainless steel.  One thing that I never wash in my dishwasher is our little guys baby bottles.  I have always washed them myself with all our kids.  I just feel like I need to make sure they are cleaned well and the only way I can feel they are is if I wash them myself.  I have used bottle brushes that fall apart easy (the bottom of the brush) or the wire gets bent easily.  I love using the Reach Bottle Brush.
It fills up the whole bottle which makes cleaning every inch of it really easy.  It’s also 10 inches long making it the perfect size to get all the way to the bottom of your standard 9oz baby bottle.  I just can’t get over how well it removes the gunk at the bottom of the bottles removing any dried formula without having to keep going around and around the inside bottom of the bottle.  I love the design because as you are cleaning the inside of the bottle, it cleans the outside at the same time!  It’s also very comfortable to use and they handle is flexible.  It’s definitely a great quality bottle brush!
I typically wouldn’t use sponges that often because I worry about them collecting bacteria.  Full Circle’s Scoop Sponge is curved so that it reduces the amount of bacteria that can be left on your counter top.  It dries better than your typical flat sponge too.  It’s made of cellulose which is naturally absorbent and very soft.  It’s also 100% biodegradable!  The curved design also makes cleaning up crumbs easier – which it does.  It can also be thrown in your dishwasher for cleaning or in boiling water to disinfect any bacteria that may be in the sponge.  I feel pretty confident using Full Circle’s Scoop Sponge especially since I can clean it in my dishwasher!  It cleans well and I absolutely love the absorbency!
Wow, I can’t even tell you how many times that I have lost or couldn’t find any of my kitchen towels.  The Stick em’ Magnet Kitchen Towel is a bamboo and organic cotton towel.  The magnet is even made of partially recycled materials.  The magnet is pretty heavy duty allowing me to stick it to my refrigerator without it falling or sliding at all.  I can even use it on metal handles as well.  I love it because I know where it is all the time.
The ribbed design also allows for great absorption and dries my hands pretty easy and quickly.  I don’t need a towel that I have to keep drying and drying my hands over and over.  Some of my other towels get soaked through pretty quickly too but this one doesn’t soak through as fast in my opinion.  The cloth is also soft too which is another thing that I absolutely love about any towel that I use!
Full Circle has some amazing, green eco-friendly products and I love them!  They are great quality, very functional and made of recycled and organic materials – how great is that!?
Buy It:  You can buy Full Circle products at various online stores such as and so many more.  make sure to visit Full Circle and check their Where to Buy page for a list of all websites and stores in your area!
The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own. 
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