Growing Tree Toys Create Your Own Pop-Up Books Kit Review

I absolutely love educational toys and love buying them for my kids.  Growing Tree Toys is a great place to get them!  They have toys for all ages and they have a wide variety of different educational toys and brands.  One of their brands is Creativity for Kids and I absolutely love their products which include a wide variety of arts and crafts kits for kids!  I was given the opportunity to work with Growing Tree Toys on a review and we were sent their Creativity for Kids Create Your Own Pop-Up Books Kit for our use and review.  My kids absolutely loved it!
The kit comes with two books ( a smaller one and a larger one) with pages already made with pop ups in some of the pages.  Included with the kit is a set of markers, two large sticker sheets with all kinds of stickers, and a lot of different cut-outs to add to the pages making art come alive!
There are “wands” that you can add to the pages.  Both books have a couple pages that have pre-cut slots to add the wand elements.  These “wands” slip through the slots and then you add the bigger circle cut-outs to the end so that they don’t slip through.  After that, your child can add their own art or stickers to the ends.  You may not be able to tell from my picture but the wands are able move making your child’s art come to life on the page!  Our son made a “My Pets” page and used the paw prints so he has dancing paw prints on his page!  Our daughter drew a scene with trees and flowers and made her wands become flying butterflies!
There are a lot of other great elements to add such as the envelope that opens up with a sheet inside so that it can be drawn or written on and can be taken out of the envelope!  Another great thing about the belishments that came in the kit were these spiral pieces that form across both pages in the center.  You can see one of them in the picture above.  There are also strips to make a “paper spring” and you can add a sticker or another cut-out to the top and the art is actually sticking up out of the picture!
Like I said, they both enjoyed it!  Their books have now become one of their cherished pieces of art work!
Our son’s sun can actually be flipped up and when it is flipped, he has a moon so his picture can literally be night or day!
Our daughter’s page also has a flip up element and on the folded side, she drew a little flower and when she flips it open, you can see that the flower grew with the bigger one that she drew on the inside!
Here’s a couple more page ideas they came up with!
I love the other elements that can be added to the pages.  It makes them more than just pop-up books!  All the pieces that came with the kit are thicker than regular paper.  They aren’t quite as thick as cardstock but they are pretty durable.  Everything has adhesive and all they had to do was peel the backing off.  No glue required!  A big bonus for me!  The books are also pretty durable too.
I was curious how the markers were going to work out because they are thin, fine point markers.  Our kids have had other craft kits (generally speaking) that included markers and they didn’t work right.  I’m pleased to say that these markers were pretty great!  The age recommendations are for ages 8 and older but we let our son draw in the smaller book even though he will only be 5 in February.  There were some things that he needed help with and we worked together on some of it.  I think it makes a great activity for a parent and child to work together with.
As a mom, I think the Creativity fo Kids Create Your Own Pop-Up Books Kit is a wonderful way for your kids to show their creativity and they also get to learn how some of these elements work!  The kit comes with instructions and ideas too.  Make sure to check out Growing Tree Toys and buy yours today for $19.95 and don’t forget to check out all their other great toys and products!
The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.
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