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Are you looking for a memorable gift for some one in your family or a friend?  I was given a wonderful opportunity to host a Milson Road party in my home and couldn’t wait to share what Milson Road has to offer to my friends and family!  I received my own The Daily Portrait for hosting this fabulous party so that all my guests could see it.  Below is an example of what one looks like:
So beautiful!  When I went through the process of ordering mine, I knew that it was rather large because the frame measures approximately 21×28 inches with an 18×20 print but I couldn’t believe how big it was and how beautiful it looked when it arrived.  When ordering, I was given the option to choose my frame and mat color combinations.  I chose to have one finished for our youngest son since he was the last to be born.  It’s really cute because in the top corner under “Special Edition” it says “Printed especially for (child’s first, middle, last name) on the date of his birth and was given by mommy and daddy (I also added his sister and brother here).  It is written with your own personalization!
The Lead News Story is located at the top which also includes your picture that you upload.  Ours tells the story about our son’s birth.  The title is Child’s First Name Middle Name Last Name Arrives (insert your customization there) and continues with the location and hospital of his/her birth, who he was born to, sisters and brothers or other family members.  The Daily Portrait for a new baby is pretty much the same except for the names that you enter.
Also on The Daily Portrait, you will see the News of The Day which are important events that have happened that same day from national to international.  There are other fun stuff on it like your child’s horoscope, Dollars and Cents, which is always fun to look back on such as the price of gas and so forth.  On our son’s, it also lists famous people’s birthdays that he shares his big day with.  He shares his birthday with Stephen King, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Bill Murray just to name a few!  The Daily Portrait finishes off with a commemorated plate at the bottom.  There are a lot of fun pieces of news and things to read that happened the day of your event.  It truly is a great way to save a milestone and is absolutely a beautiful piece of art to celebrate a memorable day in your life, or another loved one’s life!
One of my lucky guests will also be receiving one for themselves as well.  We played a couple games at our party and the winner of those games became our lucky The Daily Portrait winner.  All my guests received information and a special discount card to use on their own order.
Along with information about Milson Road included in my host package, there were a few game ideas and we played “You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby” which was really fun.  I asked all my guests to bring baby pictures of themselves and they were all collected at the beginning of the party.  They were later put on a board and everyone had to take turns guessing who was who.  This was really fun because we all know we look so much different since then! 
The other game that we played was the “Newspaper Scavenger Hunt”.  Everyone chose a random word and they had to look through a section of the newspaper to find that particular word as many times as they could.  We had a lot of fun!
I will say it again, Milson Road The Daily Portait is a really beautiful piece of art.  I think it has become the most precious and beautiful thing hanging on a wall in my home.  It was truly more than I ever expected and a great quality gift!
Buy It:  Visit Milson Road to order yours today and make a memory become something you can visually see for a lifetime!  These precious gifts are also great to be passed down through the family.  Buy one for a wedding, anniversary, baby boy, baby girl, birthday, graduation, and more!
Product, giveaway product, supplies and information were supplied by Milson Road and MomSelect to host our party.  I was not paid to write my post and any opinions expressed in my post are 100% my own.
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