Baby’s First Haircut!

Yep, I cut my little guy’s hair a couple weeks ago.  It was right after his first birthday and I thought it was about time.  He couldn’t even see half the time since his hair was always in his face.

Of course we always got the question if he was a boy or a girl even at his age wearing all boys clothing obviously.  Well, my baby looks more like a little guy now – it’s actually kind of sad!  At least it’s no question that he looks like a little boy now.
He almost looks like another kid doesn’t he?  Mommy loves you Little E and no matter how old you get, like your brother and sister, you will always be my baby always and forever!

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  • Amo

    Wow, what a difference! We got our son's hair cut right after his first birthday, too. It made me a little sad because he looked like a little boy instead of a baby afterwards!