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{Holiday Gift Guide} Playmates Toys iCarly Products Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

Our 9 year old daughter loves iCarly and in the evenings, we usually watch iCarly when it’s on.  My husband and I both thinks it’s funny too and as parents, we think it’s a great family show.  Even our 4 1/2 year old son likes to watch it because he thinks Spencer is absolutely hilarious!  Of course I do too!  Anyway, Playmates Toys has come out with thier new iCarly toys in their new product line with licensor Nickelodeon.  I was thrilled to receive the opportunity to work with Playmates Toys and we were sent a few of their new iCarly toys that our daughter really enjoys!
Sam’s Remote now comes with Bling that can be used to decorate the Remote.  These are gems that remind me of stick on earrings that I used to have when I was a kid.  They stick to the Remote pretty well and my daughter thinks it’s the “coolest” thing.  Sam’s Remote looks pretty identical to the one she uses in the iCarly show with fun sound effects.  There are four buttons.  One of them is for applause which of course plays an applause sound effect when pushed.  There is a boo! button and you hear a bunch of boos for a thumbs down sound effect.  Sam’s Remote wouldn’t be the same without Random Dancing (if you have seen the show, you would know what I mean).  When this button is pushed you hear the same “Random Dancing” that you would hear in the show and some fun music.
The last button is for sound bytes.  There are a few different sounds that you will hear including sirens, chirping crickets, laughter, and a sound you hear a thunk (kind of like a cartoon sound) and then you hear someone say “oww”.  It may seem like a simple toy but our daughter thinks it’s pretty cool.  She likes pretending to be Sam on iCarly and I think it’s fun for pretend play or just to make some noise!  Sam’s Remote requires 2AA batteries which are included and is recommended for ages 6 years and older – not for children under the age of 3 years.
The iCarly Truth or Dare Bear is a lot of fun too.  Our daughter likes to play with her friends and she and I have also played.  The Truth or Dare Bear is shaped and looks kind of like a gummy bear and is pretty cute.  It’s an electronic game that has three simple buttons.  The middle button turns it on and the button to the left selects truth and the one on the right selects dare.  You just pass the bear around your friends telling truths or taking dares that show up on the LCD screen on the front of the bear.  Some of the truth questions or the dares don’t fit on the screen so it will scroll through on the screen.  The screen may be a little small but it is easily read. 
Some of the truth questions and dares are pretty silly.  Here are a couple truth examples:  “Do you sleep with a nightlight?”  “What is the strangest dream you have ever had?”  “Who do you think of the most in one day?”  “What’s something you never told to the person sitting to your right?”  Here are a few dare examples:  “Have the person to your right do your hair any way they want and then take your picture and upload it to”  “Act like an animal, let the person to your left decide which one”  “Use your stomach like a drum and sing your heart out”.  When our daughter is playing with her friends, we can hear them laughing and cackling in her room as they have a lot of fun with it.
The iCarly Truth or Dare Bear is recommended for ages 6 years and older also.  All the questions that I have seen are suitable for ages 6 and older in my opinion.  There may be a few that wouldn’t really pertain to a 6 year old like “What would be your dream date?” or “Text I rock to 5 people”.  A six year old may not be thinking about dating but to me it’s still suitable for even that age.  I remember thinking about what I wanted my wedding to be like when I was five years old.  It’s fun and our daughter really enjoys it.  3 AAA batteries are included.
The iCarly Web Show Set is a lot of fun too.  This is a great way to allow kids to be creative because they get to come up with their own skits, stories, and shows.  They pretty much get to direct and produce their own show.  With this set, they can also actually be included in their own show!  Included in the set are 4 backdrops (2 that are front and back) with a set of Carly and Spencer’s appartment, Lewbert’s lobby, the school they go to, and the iCarly studio.  In each of the backdrops include a cutout window and this is where your child comes into play.  There are plastic stands that allow the backdrops to stand and they can also be used for other pieces that are included.
Here is a scene in the appartment with Carly standing there.  There are full body figures that include Carly, Sam, Freddy, and Spencer and there are also torso figures that include the same characters.  The torso characters are best used when they are “sitting” behind the desk that is included.  Each of the characters and prop pieces have plastic clips on the back and using the rods as seen in the picture above allows you to move the characters in an out of the scene with out getting your hands in the way.  Why would that matter you ask?  Well, you can actually film the scene with a video camera (not included) by focusing in on the backdrop and scene to make your own show on film!
You can add depth to the scene by using the bigger prop pieces such as the couch or the desk.  That way, your characters can sit or walk behind them still being in front of the backdrop.  You can use any of the prop or characters pieces with the rods and stands.  To get yourself in the show, set your scene up on a table.  Preferably a dining room table or one that’s a little taller.  The taller the table, the better it works as we found out.  The person that is in the show stand behind the backdrop in the center of the cutout window.  They should stand 6 to 10 feet away because the further you are standing from the set, the smaller you will appear in the window.  Now that you can be seen through the window, you are a part of the show!
You can set it up so that the characters are sitting on their stands if your child is playing by themselves and set a camera on the table recording by itself.  If you have another person, you can have the other person move characters about while the other is still behind the backdrop in the show.  Of course you don’t need a video camera to have fun with this set.  Our daughter loves playing with it regardless.  We have video capabilities on our cell phones so we recording a 30 second skit for her.  She thought it was pretty neat!  After she received the iCarly Web Show Set and fell in love with it, I think we came to the conclusion that we are going to buy her an iCarly video camera for Christmas to go along with it!
Buy It:  You can purchase the iCarly Sam’s Remote (estimated retail $13.00), iCarly Truth or Dare Bear (estimated retail $16.99), and the iCarly Web Show Set (estimated retail $17.99) and you can buy these products and other iCarly toys at stores such as Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, and Kmart.
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The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.

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