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{Holiday Gift Guide} Streekers Review

Want a fun way to add color to your hair?  Streekers just might be for you!  I was given the opportunity to try streekers for myself and I think they are really fun to experiment with my hair.  Streekers are hair colors that allow you to add very bright and vibrant streaks in your hair.  There are 8 fun colors and you can use one color, mulitple colors or add streaks of all the colors to your hair!  Both women and men can use them so if you know a guy that likes the rock star look or what-not, let him know about Streekers too!
I was sent two of thier colors to try out and I received purple and ultra violet.  The applicator looks like a lipgloss applicator might look like and you simply take a small section of hair and hold it out.  Using the applicator, apply the color to your hair.  You may have to add more color to the applicator.  I did find that It works best with pretty small sections at a time.  If you want to use streekers on a larger section of hair, I would suggest making smaller strands from the larger one that you intend on streaking.  You do not have to apply from root to tip either.  Just add the color and make streaks anywhere throughout your hair.  Have fun and experiment!  You can even try for Katy Perry’s look!
The colors are more vivid and bright if you have lighter color hair or blonde highlights.  My hair is a darker shade of brown and Streekers make for great looking, bold highlights in my hair.  That’s perfectly okay with me.  I love my purple and pinkish highlights!  Even with a darker shade of brown, the color is still great!  When using Streekers, I noticed that I didn’t have to make sure that my whole section of hair has color to it on the front and backside of the section of hair.  It’s also best to let it completely dry before you add more color to the particular section.  It makes it easier to brush and after it is dry, you can easily add another coat of color to the same strand.  Waiting for it to dry before adding more, keeps your hair looking just as soft as the rest of your hair.
It can stain clothing so you should take care when applying it.  You will most likely get it on your fingers and hands but it’s okay because it washes off hands really easy with soap and water.  It also cleans up pretty easy off counters too (I can be a little messy).  The color doesn’t fade throughout the day and I never experienced any flaking either.  There’s no mixing involved which is great for me.  It is not a permanent color and will wash out.  When I washed my hair, it all washed out pretty well.  The color can come off if your hair gets wet, so I would also suggest only using it when there isn’t a chance of rain and can also lift onto clothing, etc. due to perspiration.  I have never had a problem with that since I don’t really put streaks in my hair underneath or close to the back of my neck.
After Streekers is dry, you can brush and style as you normally would.  I straighten my hair a lot and I usually straighten my hair first and go over my hair again with my flat iron when I am finished.  Mouse, gel and other styling products can be used prior to using Streekers as well so no worry there!  They are not made with harsh chemicals, ammonia or peroxide and are not tested on animals.
Overall, I think Streekers are really fun for teenagers as well as adults and would definitely make for a great stocking stuffer!  After using Streekers for myself, I think I am addicted and Streekers are now on my own Chirstmas list this year!
Buy It:  Streekers retails for $10.95 each and you can buy them and learn more by visiting Streekers website.
You can also find Streekers on Twitter and Facebook!
The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.
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2 thoughts on “{Holiday Gift Guide} Streekers Review

  1. I would have really liked these in highschool and my early twenties. I think I am little old for them now, but my niece would love them! I may have to get her some for Christmas!

  2. I won these in a blog giveaway and they arrived last week.

    I had requested blue because my daughter's school colors are blue and white, but they sent purple and red instead. After our initial disappointment, we used a little bit to make sure it would wash off and it did – easily. My daughter (6) LOVES the Streekers and proudly used the red and purple Streekers on her hair as part of her Halloween costume (she wanted to wear a wig, but when the Streakers arrived, that changed).

    Like you, I also noticed the Streekers will wash out/run if the hair gets wet so I was a little worried about my daughter sleeping with the Streekers in her hair (she sweats when she sleeps), but we didn't have any issues. We will definitely be buying this product … in blue for school pep rallies!

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