{Holiday Gift Guide} Zoobles Le Bun Zooble Review

Zoobles are one of the hot toys this season and I think just about every little girl is asking Santa to bring them this year because when shopping for our daughter, I was lucky to find the last of two different Zoobles Gift Sets and the Zoobles Carrying Case at Toys R Us!  All three items were literally the last ones on the shelf and if it wasn’t for my husband spotting them, we probably would have lost them. 
If you don’t know what Zoobles are, they are these new really great toys from SpinMaster.  They are not only really cute and great to collect, they are really fun to play with.  Even I got a kick out of them!  They are little animals that come to life from a little ball or sphere and they come from Zooble world in Azoozia Land, Petagonia Land, or from Seagonia.  These little creatures form into a ball and “spring to life” when placed on top of their Happitat that is included with each Zooble.  They come in single packs or double packs as shown above and you can also buy them with multiple Zoobles in zippered cases (gift packs that I found for my daughter for Christmas). 
I was given the opportunity to work with SpinMaster on a review of their really adorable Zoobles and we were sent one of their single packs.  Our daughter received Le Bun who happens to be number 009 in the Zooble Petagonia Collection.  There is a collection for each land that they come from. 
Le Bun #009
Year 2010
Rarity:  Common
“Le Bun is always excited about exploring Petagonia’s many paths. Whether rolling in the wild or leaping into a new happitat, Le Bun is one ‘hoppy camper’ who finds fun wherever he is.”
They work by placing them in ball form on their happitat and they instantly transform into an animal as I stated above.  I don’t know how many times my daughter has done this over and over and Le Bun has never had any problems “springing to life”.  To turn him back into ball form, all you have to do is push in his body and fold down his ears.  They don’t open up unless you place them back on their happitat.  They open up with magnetization and they will work on any happitat or playset that you purchase.
After a couple hours of playing, Le Bun may get a little “tired” so his happitat opens up and he can be placed inside in ball form in his little cozy home!  They are really fun to collect and they each have a rarity too so some of them may not be around after a while.  Another thing that I think is really cute is that when Le Bun is in animal form, you can slightly push on his head and when doing so, his little arms and eyes move up and down – too cute!
I am very pleased with how they work and how well they are made.  I think they are a lot of fun and I can’t wait until Christmas when Santa brings the rest of my daughter’s Zoobles because momma is going to play with them too!
Buy It:  You can buy Zoobles just about anywhere toys are sold.  I have seen them at Toys R Us, Walmart, Kmart, and I believe I have seen them at Target too.  The double packs are around $7.00 while the single packs are around $4 to $5.  The playsets, gift sets, and the carrying case range from $20 to $30 or so depending on which product you are purchasing and where you are shopping.
Recommended ages are 4 years and older
Don’t forget to check out Zoobles website and visit the world of the Zoobles.  You can keep track of your collection and even play games!  You can also find Zoobles on Facebook!
The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.
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  1. These Zoobles look like so much fun! I would have loved these as a kid. I think I would like them now! How fun to have them pop to life!

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