We took a risk and went shopping today…

Well, we didn’t really have a choice.  Today was grocery day and of course it just happened to have to be today.  We usually try to avoid going anywhere during the Black Friday sales – there’s just too many people for me.  Anyway, we decided to go to our local Carnival Foods store instead of going to Walmart this time around and it was actually pretty easy to get in and out.

While we were there, we saw that they had a small section of toys so we decided to look.  We found some Zhu Zhu Pets for only $4.00 and a few other things so we decided to pick them up while we were there.  It was fun trying to hide them from our kids though but we managed.  They are pretty nosey so I was relieved that we were able to keep them from seeing them (they are going to be for Christmas).  As I was looking at other things, I saw these really cute kids backpacks for only $3.00 apiece.  I went ahead and got them too because they were the perfect size for them to carry their favorite toys with them while visiting grandma.  Besides that, there are a few things we got them for Christmas that will need a storage place.

They had quite a few deals that we found that weren’t grocery related at all.  I guess I should visit the grocery store more often!  I guess I still was able to find a few deals myself today even though I really wasn’t planning on it!  Guess it pays to visit another store for groceries every now and then!

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