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Educational Toys Planet has a lot of really great toys that are educational for all ages.  They have a lot of categories to choose from including Motor Skills!  I think toys that promote motor skills early on is important.  I was given the opportunity to work with Educational Toys Planet on a review and was sent a Learn to Dress Monkey for our use and review.

Learn to Dress Monkey is from Alex Toys and is recommended for ages 18 months and older.  He’s a 22 inch long stuffed monkey and he’s really cute with his dangly arms and legs.  Very colorful too!  His name is Alex which can be found on his adorable shoes!  The Learn to Dress Monkey has 11 different dressing activities which I think is absolutely great for toddlers learning to dress themselves.
There is a zipper, a buckle in the back of his overalls, snap buttons on the overall straps, he’s holding a velcro banana which comes off and can be re-attached, there are two different kinds of buttons; one with a loop and one you have to fit through a slot.  Of course toddlers can learn to tie his shoes laces and his shoes and socks come off so they get to try thier hands at putting socks and shoes on!  The overalls and shirt are also removable so they can also learn how to dress him in all his clothing! 
My kids have had toys with buckles and buttons and some of the other activities but I don’t believe they have ever had one toy with all of them at the same time!  Our 4 1/2 year old has fun playing with it.  He still can’t button very well and snaps are sometimes difficult for him too.  He doesn’t have a problem putting his own shoes on but boy does he get frustrated with socks!  I think the Learn to Dress Monkey is great practice and makes learning fun.  Since he doesn’t seem to get frustrated while playing, he has made some progress which of course I love seeing!  Soon we can start working on tying shoelaces.  He already tries every now and then!
This toy is also soft and cuddly and our youngest (a few months shy of 18 months) likes to play with it too.  He likes to cuddle with it more than anything and gets a kick out of removing the banana from his hand.  Of course he likes to take off his shoes and socks too.  He doesn’t seem to have a problem removing some of the clothing items!  That’s okay because our older son will re-dress him!  Making up games with Alex has also been a fun way to play and learn at the same time which also puts a big limit on any frustrations.  Believe me, our son gets very frustrated and gives up too easily.  I can honestly say that the Learn to Dress Monkey has been pretty helpful in that area!
I also think this toy would be great for kids with learning disabilities that need help with motor skills such as our 9 year old daughter.  For the most part, she does just fine with the skills that the Learn to Dress Monkey teaches but she has always had a problem with buttons so again even she gets some practice with it.  This toy is great for imaginative play, development, motor skills, hand-eye coordination and teaches skills that they need to know.  I think it does all that pretty well!  The Learn to Dress Monkey is a fabulous toy according to this mom!
Buy It:  Visit Educational Toys Planet to buy yours today for $31.97.  They also have a Learn to Dress Kitty!  Make sure to check out all thier other great educational toys as well!

The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I would love to get this for my son. He is 2 years old and cannot dress himself just yet. He can UNDRESS himself, sometimes at the playground, but he can't get dressed yet.

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