{Holiday Gift Guide} Novica Aztec Calendar Plaque and Handcrafted Candles Review

Novica is in association with National Geographic and they offer a wide variety of beautiful art pieces and home deco.  What I love about it is that Novica also provides the story about the artist that created every piece and they do it in a way that you actually feel an attachment to them.  It really does.  It gave me a whole new feeling to be able to read such things while looking through their site.  If I saw the same things (probably not that likely since they are unique pieces of home decor and gifts) in a regular store, I probably would have thought they were pretty but I really don’t think it would be the same as actually reading about the artist, how they make their pieces and read about their culture.

Novica has a lot of great categories to choose from such as fair trade corporate gifts, gifts for mom, green gifts, gifts for him, bracelets and earrings

When Novica asked me if I would like to work with them on a review, I immediately came onboard.  I was thrilled to have this opportunity!  I was given a gift code to use on their site to choose what I wanted to review and I chose a couple items from their Corporate Gifts category.  Looking through their website and trying to make my choice was really difficult only because I couldn’t decide!  The website is really easy to navigate and find what you are looking for but I got lost in reading about everything when I was trying to make my decision.  I felt like a kid in a candy store! 

I have always had a soft spot for anything from Mexico because I think the art is absolutely amazing.  I finally settled on the Ceramic Aztec Calendar Plaque and a 2 Box Set of Handcrafted Apple Jasmine Candles that are absolutely beautiful!

“Angel Cerón presents a faithful replica of the Aztec calendar, known also as the “Sun Stone.” According to pre-Hispanic beliefs, there have been a total of five suns, including the current one. It is said the previous four, together with humans, were destroyed by the gods’ wrath. The calendar represents the fifth sun and tells the story of the past four and marks the changing of the seasons. The Aztecs (or “Mexica,” as they called themselves) believed the sun struggled daily against the forces of darkness. They aided the sun through human sacrifices.”
The Aztec Calendar Plaque is created by artisan Angel Cerón and he uses a clay that is only found in one area of Mexico.  He works his clay himself and reading about all the time it takes for him to do his work is amazing.  Only a qualified artisan can determine when the clay is ready.  After that it is kneaded kind of like dough and again only a qualified artisan can tell if it is ready to be worked.  The clay is unique and I can tell you Cerón’s work is really beautiful!  After it arrived at my door and opened it up, all I could do was literally smile.
The Aztec Calendar Plaque measures 1.0″ H x 10.2″ Diam.  I think it’s a great size for hanging on my wall and adds a great deco piece in my home.  The wall hanging is also very durable. What else can I say?  It’s beautiful!
The Handcrafted Apple Jasmine Candles are another new treasure of mine.  There were two boxes – really pretty boxes I may add and they are also very durable boxes too.  There are nine tea size candles in each box and each candle has it’s own section in the box.
“Delicate blossoms fill the air with scented light. Na presents a set of exquisite handmade candles in two gift boxes. White orchids are perfumed with apple fragrance while frangipani are permeated with jasmine.  The two sets of nine each arrive in saa (mulberry) paper gift boxes adorned with banana fiber and mango wood beads.”

The artist that created these candles name is Nantana Suwanwet and her nickname is Na.  She was born in Siam and started working at a young age to help her parents supporting her two younger sisters’ studies.  She started crafting and loves handicraft because she can use her own imagination and has been crafting all sorts of gift sets including the packaging and boxes.  I’ll tell you one thing, her boxes and candles are really pretty!

Aren’t they gorgeous?!  I love the beads and the textures of the boxes.  Like I said before, these boxes are also very durable to be used for other things as well.  The sections work freat for keeping jewelry separated too.  From the look of them, they were definitely created with passion and heart.  I know I may sound like a sap but I love art and everything about it – I can’t help it!
These definitely aren’t your typical tea candle.  They are actually molded to look like flowers.  I have honestly never seen anything like them before.  I don’t even want to burn them!  You really don’t have to though.  They have a really great scent that fills my whole living room without even lighting them.  I have a wide mouth vase that has been sitting in my sink cabinet forever and I took it out, filled it with water and put some of them in there to float on top.  It makes for a great table center piece!
I did have one problem with both of these items though.  You see, most products from Novica are gift wrapped for free.  My problem was, I almost didn’t want to open them up!  The gift wrapping is really unique and pretty!
As you can see, Novica has really great item for the home and really great gifts!  Included with each purchase, you also receive an artisan story card which I think makes every art piece even more special.  I love knowing a little about the artist because it makes you love it even more.  At least it does to me.  I like learning about other cultures and how things are created.  I’m not an artist myself but I love collecting it!
Buy It:  Visit Novica website to buy your favorite items today!  You can usually find great sale prices on certain items too!

The product was sent to me for free via gift card by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.

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