{Holiday Gift Guide} Patrick Hruby ABC Is For Circus and Charley Harper Nesting Blocks

I have worked with Ammo Books in the past and you may have read my other Ammo Books review.  If you have, you will probably already know my excitement being able to work with Ammo again on a review.  We always grew up with a lot of books and I make sure my own kids have a lot of books too and I have always started with books from day one.  I love the artwork that is found in Ammo Books because the art work in the illustrations are amazing!  They are definitely one of a kind!

I received a copy of ABC Is For Circus by Patrick Hruby and Charley Harper Nesting Blocks for my use and review.  These are new additions to the Ammo Books family and are a must have in my opinion.  We love them!

ABC Is For Circus
Patrick Hruby
ABC Is For Circus is a great board book filled with many bright colors and really great artistic illustrations.  It’s imaginative and I love the layout of all the pages.  A is for Acrobats, B is for Big Top, C is for Calliope, etc.  Each text on every page is that simple so not only do kids get to learn and memorize their ABC’s, they also get to learn new words and the pictures also help with that.  I think it’s a great way to explore other kinds of art too!
The Charley Harper Nesting Blocks consists of 10 beautiful blocks that are made really well.  They are made from a really tough, durable cardboard that reminds me of a really thick board book.  They are very colorful and each one features three letters of the alphabet and the numbers 1 through 10.  The sides are all different.  One side shows three letter like ABC, DEF, HIG, etc.  Another side shows a very artful and colorful illustration for each individual letter such as A is for Ape and another side will feature a number.
All of the illusrations feature Charley Harper’s amazing animals.  The 10 blocks are different sizes, each one slightly smaller than the next so that they can be stacked in a tower.  The tower stands almost three feet tall!
It was actually kind of difficult to take this picture because Little E loves to knock over anything that is built and he really loves playing with these blocks!  The top block is a cube and there isn’t an open bottom like the rest.  The slight size difference in each block also allows you to put each block inside the other to allow you to store them in their 6 inch by 6 inch box they came in.

We absolutely love them.  They are very sturdy blocks, helps promote hand-eye coordination, teaches letters and numbers, animals, and of course they get to experience the art and culture of these great modern artistic illustrations!  I absolutely adore both the nesting blocks and baord book just as much as my kids do!

Buy It:  Visit Ammo Books to buy your copy of ABC Is For Circus for $14.95 and Charley Harper Nesting Blocks for $24.95.  You can also find them on

The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.

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