I have finally re-claimed my living room!

Today was clean-up day after Christmas because my hubby was still home today from work (he has to go back tomorrow) so we thought today was a good day to take the tree down and all the other decorations.  The lights outside aren’t taken down yet though.

I love Christmas but everything had to come down.  Our youngest man’s toys were everywhere because there wasn’t many places I could put them so after his toys had taken over over my living room which of course only got worse after Christmas, it was time to take back my living room!

Anyway, after my hubby and I spent all day putting things away and taking down the tree I was able to take some of little man’s older toys he doesn’t really play with and re-claim my living room.  After I moved his toy box and toy storage and had my living room cleaned, I glanced around enjoying my very open living room and noticed something…..

There, sitting on one of my tv stands were two of my light up gingerbread houses and a couple Christmas bears!  I guess I have to make another treck down to the basement!

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