Moving Update AND New Winners!

Wow, I am so sorry I didn’t post winners earlier today but I am getting to them right now!  I have just been excited because I finally started to figure out WordPress after I found the right theme for my blog.  Now that I have what works, things seem to be working just fine.  I guess I can take back what I said about it not being very user friendly for me.  It actually is after you figure it out!  I’m still in the process though but just about on the last leg of it!  Yay!!

Anyway, here are our winners!

Affordable Scarves $20 Gift Cert {237 entries}
Random.org chose lucky comment number 100!

Megan said… 100
entered I See I Learn
mearley1979 at gmail dot com
December 17, 2010 8:32 PM

2 Flexi 8 Hair Clips {84 entries}
Random.org chose lucky comment number 36!

Suzanne said… 36
Entered the Affordable Scarves Giveaway!
kdbstb at gmail dot com
December 18, 2010 9:50 PM

Sweet Pea The Bumble Bee Book {81 entries}
Random.org chose lucky comment number 12!

Amo said… 12
I have your Holiday button on my blog
December 15, 2010 2:50 PM

EcoMom $15 Gift Cert {248 entries}
Random.org chose lucky comment number 173!

lulusmama said… 173
I follow ecomom on twitter @mrsob1
blynnobrien at yahoo dot com
December 29, 2010 8:09 AM

Emails have been sent so check your inbox!
Please respond within 48 hours.
Thanks to everyone who entered!!!
Hopefully I will be completely moved in the next few hours.  I wanted to be sure I got winner’s posted before I continue.  I’m down to redirecting everything here to my new place and updating feedburner and all that fun stuff.  I’m still really worried though.  I have had some great advice on how to take all you awesome followers with me but I am still very nervous about it.  Please wish me luck!  I really don’t want to have to start over!!
Since I am in the last stages….
Please Note:  I am temporarily closing comments on my three current giveaways that are still running.  This is only until after everything is re-directed.  Right now ALL comments are accounted for at this point and I don’t want any of them being left behind which shouldn’t happen anyway because all I have to do is run the import again to transfer any additional posts or comments.  I am just doing this as a precaution because I know what it’s like to take the time to enter giveaways (I enter them too!)  Since I will close comments, I will post to let everyone know it’s open again.  I will also be extending them an extra day because of it.
Well, keep your fingers crossed for me!

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  1. I am glad to stumble upon this blog. For a while, I have been trying to put together one just like this too, but not sure how to do it. Tell me about this “blogging” thing? Is it hard to learn? Need I be an expert in computers to put together a blog? I want to hammer together a simple blog for my learn english writing writing website. Can a blog be combined into a current website?

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