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Bebe au Lait Reversable Double Bibs Review

If there is one thing that I go through too many of, that would be bibs!  Our youngest is 15 months and I still use a lot of bibs especially now since he is feeding himself and we have started letting him experiment with a spoon himself.  A big part of my laundry is washing bibs.  The great thing about the Reversable Double Bib from Bebe au Lait is its like using 4 bibs in one!  Their designs/patterns are absolutely beautiful too!

The Reversable Double Bib has a great design on the front and the back is a soft terry cloth.  It doesn’t close in the back around the neck but rather closes in the front.  It closes with magnets that are sewn into the bib between the two fabrics.  The magnets are pretty strong too so there aren’t any worries that it will come undone.  I love that it opens in the front because he can sometimes pull other bibs that velro in the back off of him.  He’s never figured out how to open the front of the bib.  I love the size of the bib because its like an oversized bib that covers a really big portion of my son’s clothing. 

You may be wondering how one bib can work as having four bibs.  Well, think of the parts of the bibs having four panels as pictured above.  Place the bib over the back of your child’s neck and close the front of the bib by placing one side of the bib over the other.  If the bib gets messy or you don’t have another handy, simply open it up and place the dirty panel under the clean panel on the other side and close it again.  If both panels are dirty on the front, simply turn it around and use the panels on the other side in the same way!

See it in action!

Using these bibs can save on washing tons of them and it makes going anywhere so much easier because I don’t have to take extra bibs with me.  There have been times that I have even lost a bib here or there too.  I found the fabric to be absorbant too.  I don’t believe I have ever noticed any food or wetness, etc. on my son’s clothing after removing it when he has finished eating.

I think this bib is the greatest bib design ever!  When I was given the opprtunity to try one I had never seen anything like it before.  When this bib was designed, they definitely had mom – and dad in mind!  It comes clean brilliantly in the wash and I haven’t noticed any shrinking at all.  It’s a very remarkable product and very stylish at the same time!

Buy It:  Have a little one and would like to try one for yourself?  Visit Bebe au Lait to purchase your favorites for $16.00 each.  After using one of these bibs, I can honestly say, they are worth it in so many ways!  What’s even better, if you like any of their other fabulous products, you can buy them to match!

You can find Bebe au Lait on facebook and you can also find Bebe au Lait on Twitter!

The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. What an amazing idea! Wish I would have thought of it. Love them, you can hide the dirty side! LOL!

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