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I have Some Sad News

I Have Some Sad News

These pictures are of our dog in his younger years.  We took him in when he was just a pup and we had 11 wonderful years with him.  He was getting on in his years and lived to be an old man.  Throughout the past year is hearing and sight had begun to go and got worse by the end of the year.  Because if this, he became terrified of just a pin drop and became temperamental and has even snapped at my husband and I and even our kids.

It wasn’t his fault and his age was too much for him.  We started to notice in the past couple months that he was even having difficulties getting up but then other days, he was still just as playful as ever.  The past week has been terrible for him.  He started acting very strange, trying to hide in the smallest parts of the house in closets, etc. and wouldn’t go outside.  This was also when he started to get more temperamental.  My husband and I decided that it was time because his problems were just getting worse.

This was absolutely the hardest thing that we have ever had to do and I am still very saddened about it.

My husband took him in today to be put down.

The vet told my husband that he really didn’t think he would live much longer anyway and that he truly believed that because of his strange behavior, he was looking for a place to go and didn’t want to go outside because he wanted to be with his family.  I felt horrible for doing this but I believe it was for the best.  The vet put him down this evening even though it was so late to ease our minds that he didn’t have to spend his last night being stuck in a kennel until morning.

His name was Buddy Dog.  I know, it’s kind of a strange name isn’t it?  His name is actually Buddy but when our daughter was little, she always put Dog at the end of his name for some reason and so it just stuck.  He was a great family member, friend and protector.  He was our first kid and we had the best times throughout the years as our family grew. 

You are already missed terribly and we love you so much old man….

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9 thoughts on “I have Some Sad News

  1. I’m so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so sorry to hear of your loss. Losing a pet has got to be one of the hardest losses there is (there are way worse one’s, but I don’t want to even mention those). Every single pet I have had, whether it was Dewey, the hamster, or Sage, my beloved and very devoted Yellow Lab of only 7 years, it hurt like ‘HECK’ to have them pass on. It’s even harder when us owners have to ‘put ’em down.’
    As I was reading your post I was bawling my eyes out cause I can totally relate to your sorrow.
    Know that we (your readers) are here for you, no matter what!
    Keep your chin up and a smile on your face.
    Take care and God Bless Buddy Dog! Adorable name!
    Hugs – Kim B. =)

    1. Awww, thank you Kim. I have a lot of really wonderful readers such as yourself. I think I found my peace with it after we brought him home the other day…we had him cremated so he’s back where he belongs. I’m so, so sorry for all your losses too and I am really thankful to all my wonderful readers!

  2. I’m so sorry about Buddy Dog. What a hard decision to make, but remember it was because HE wouldn’t suffer. Hugs to you and your family

    1. I have the most wonderful readers! Thank you so much. 🙂 I’m feeling a little better after having to make that decision, I know it was for the best. Thanks for the hugs!

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. It is one of the hardest decisions you will have to make (we’ve been through it twice) and it takes a while to get use to not having them around the house. Hope your family it doing ok.

    1. Thank you Jackie, I really appreciate your condolences. This is the first time that we have been through this and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I am so sorry you had to go through that twice. My family is doing okay and our kids seem to be taking it better than I thought they would and I am so happy about that. Our youngest has no idea and our 5 year old doesn’t really understand. Our daughter seems to be okay but she doesn’t ever talk much about anything.

      It will definitely take a while to get used to. It too weird around here right now. I guess it really hit me last night when he wasn’t blocking my way for me to trip over him last night when I went to bed. Or after our 1 1/2 year old son finished eating and he didn’t find his way in the dining room to clean up the scraps lol 😉

    1. Thank you. I completely agree! He wasn’t just a pet, he was a family member. I have lost pets throughout my life but I have never had to make that choice myself before. Thank you for your comment, it put a smile on my face 🙂

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