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Star Family Circus – Entertaining and Lots of Fun!

Saturday we took our kids to see the Star Family Circus when they were performing at our county fairgrounds.  I have never been to any kind of circus myself and it was the first time any of us have seen acts like these away from the tv.  They do balancing acts, juggling, acrobatics, tumbling, ect. and they have the cutest little monkey, a dog act that was pretty entertaining. They aren’t a huge circus but a family performing wonderful acts!

My personal favorite acts were the acrobatics.

There were quite a few more acts but I would have to add tons more pictures!  We all had a blast and our kids loved it!  Even our little guy really got into it which surprised me.  I figured he would have a hard time being there but he really got into the clapping and screaming when everyone else did!  He had me cracking up!

This was pretty neat too!

Yes, they even have a boxing kangaroo. This act was the only one I didn’t really like. I have always had a concern for circus animals. However, I do love the Star Family Circus. They put on a pretty good show.

The kids even got to run around in the circus ring at intermission and they thought that was pretty neat.  It was so fun to watch their faces in wonder.  I was so nervous about the guy balancing a sword topped with the glass plate and wineglasses on the tip of a knife that he was holding in his mouth.  He balanced it all while climbing to the top of a ladder, going down the other side and then halfway down, moved into a position where he was hanging by his legs!!  I have seen things like this on tv before but seeing it in person really is something else!  I loved watching the rope and ring aerobatics too!!

Ticket Pricing

What a way to spend our Saturday evening.  Kids got in free and it was only $10 per adult.  For 20 bucks, my family of five had a wonderful, entertaining night!  The Star Family Circus is really entertaining and so much fun!  If you see that they happen to be putting on a show in your area, you should check them out!  The clowns were also so hillarious, I don’t think I have laughed that hard at anything!!  Awesome fun!!!


I did not receive any kind of compensation, did not receive anything for free, etc. for writing my post.  This post was written after our own ticket purchase.  I am just sharing my thoughts to all my readers and wanted to share with you all how much fun the Star Family Circus is to see!

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