Kid K’NEX Roary The Racing Car Maxi Building Set Review

If you are a regular blog follower, you probably already know how much my kids love K’NEX.  As a mom, I’m a huge fan too because I think K’NEX building sets are great for imagination and are educational in quite a few ways.  My kids get hands on building experiences while gaining coordination skills, motor skills, and they also get to learn how things work.  Years ago when we first introduced our daughter (10 years old now), I wished there were K’NEX sets for younger kids.  It didn’t take long before they came in existence.  Our now 5 year old has the Sesame Street building sets from K’NEX and now in the same similar canisters, you can now buy Roary The Racing Car Building Sets from K’NEX!

Roary The Racing Car can be seen on Sprout and my son loves watching it!  With the Roary The Racing Car Building Sets, he can bring his favorite characters to life!  There are three characters that you can buy in the canisters and they include Roary Building Set, Maxi Building Set, and Tin Top Building Set.  Roary The racing Car Building Sets also include two other bigger sets that include the Silver Hatch Garage Building Set and the Silver Hatch Starting Line Building Set.  Since I was given the opportunity to work with K’NEX on another review, my son was sent one of their canister Roary The Racing Car Building Sets for our use and review.


One of the first things that I have to mention is that after the race car is built, it can be used on wooden train tracks too!  As shown in the picture above, each set comes with a smaller wheel piece that fits in place under the bottom of the car after it’s put together.  This allows the car to be run on a wooden train track!  This is perdect for my son because he has tons of the wooden “puzzle” train track (as he calls it) and it works great!  The wheels fit perfectly in the grooves on the track and doesn’t have any problems going around the turns!  I’m pretty sure that it will work with any brand of the wooden track as they all seem to be basically the same.  My son has to different kinds that fot together just fine and both work with his Roary The Race Car Building Set.  Even though it works just fine with what my son has, I can’t say for sure that it will work with all wooden tracks.  Please keep in mind that it will work with MOST wooden tracks.  I just wanted to put that out there as to not mislead anyone.

The Building Set that we received was the Maxi Building Set and my son loves it!  There are 18 pieces to this set and is recommended for ages 3 years and older.  There are also a few stickers to be placed on some of the pieces but nothing difficult.

The pieces are chunky and so easy to put together.  Our son didn’t have any problems doing it himself and he was able to follow the very simple illustrated instructions.  My 4 year old nephew didn’t have any problems with it either.  I really don’t see a three year old having much difficulty with it in my opinion.

I think the set is perfect for the age recommendations.  Each set comes with it’s own accessory too.  Maxi comes with a road sign that is built with two pieces and he also has a piece that fits under the front bumper of himself that allows him to hold is own black and white checkered flag!

After the car is built, it’s probably best that the train track adapter is left off if your child isn’t using a track.  This is so that the car can sit on it’s regular wheels and be pushed around the floor or table without a problem.  There isn’t a motor or anything like is found in other kinds of building sets.  Maxi rolls pretty well over the carpeted floors and table tops without any problems.  He is so easy to put together and my son just loves it!  I love how this set gives him the opportunity to learn how to build things and hand eye coordination skills because he still needs a little practice in that area.  I think it’s mainly because he gets frustrated way too easy and gives up pretty quickly.  We didn’t notice any of that here!

Of course I love the plastic canister that all the pieces come in.  It’s very durable and is so great to store all the pieces in.  I ended up buying him the other two character sets so that he has all three of them.  I love the color coordinated canisters with the chunky molded characters on top of the lid.  It makes it so easy to store each character pieces in the correct canister.  These are just so much fun to play with and I don’t think there is a single day that I don’t see him playing with them at some point in the day.  Make sure you buy yours today so your child can head down to the Silver Hatch Racetrack with Roary, Maxi, and Tin Top!

Buy It:  You can purchase your smaller character building sets between $12-$13 and buy the bigger racetrack and garage sets between $20-$25.  You can make your purchase at the K’NEX website, or your local Toys R Us store.

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The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.
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  1. My daughter loves to play with toys that are supposedly for a boy but I don’t mind at all. I did the same when I was a little girl. I’ll have to get that for her!

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