My Favorite iPhone Apps

I have had my iPhone for about 4 or 5 months now and I thought I would share with you my favorite apps that I use.  Up until my husband and I got our cell phone upgrade with our service provider, we had the basic of all basic cell phones so yes, we finally made a jump forward with smart phones.  Go us!  Most of these apps are also available for other smart phones as well so even if you don’t have an iPhone, you can probably find them for you smart phone device.  All of these apps that I use are also FREE.


I never really thought that I would ever have a need for Facebook on my phone because I never thought I would use it that much.  When I first got on Facebook, I didn’t really do much with it but I did end up updating my status quite often especially when we are out and about or sitting in a doctor’s office, etc.  It’s kind of nice to have something to do while you are waiting!  You can pretty much do anything you would as you would on your computer.  Upload pictures, video, comment, update status, friend requests, send messages, chat with your friends, notes, even make calls from your Facebook friends right from your phone if they have their number listed.  You can pretty much do anything except playing any games you might play on Facebook.  There are certain game apps for a few of them though.

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I think it’s pretty nice because you can also like fan pages and I can even update DustinNikki Mommy of Three fan page at any time that I want to.  It’s just surprising because I never thought I would use it as much on my phone as I do.  My hubby laughs at me!

Gas Buddy

We all know how gas prices can be these days so it’s nice to be able to find the cheapest gas in the area.  Of course we don’t go driving out of our way to find the cheapest because then it’s almost like “what’s the point?”  But looking for the best price in the area is pretty great!  Just by using this app, we can save a little sometimes.  Of course it’s not a whole lot but if we can save a couple pennies per gallon at one place, it’s worth it!  It’s constantly updated and it’s set up so that anyone who sees gas prices at all the different gas stations and use the app to update that particular store, they get entered to win free gas.

 Images credited to iTunes App Store

It comes in really handy for my husband who happens to be the head honcho at the gas station he works (sometimes driving me mad because he’s always heading to other stores) uses this app all the time.  He has to do price surveys on gas so many times in a day so they know if thier gas prices need to be changed.  Instead of driving all over the place saving us gas and money, he uses Gas Buddy.  It’s accurate too.  Nor he or I have ever seen any price that was wrong!

White Pages/Yellow Pages

This is a given.  If you need to find a number or business number, it’s very handy having a phonebook right on your phone!  These are actually two separate apps.


Yep, there is an app for WordPress!  You can actually write and post to your blog but I have never done that.  I just can’t see myself writing a blog post from my phone.  I sure wouldn’t think writing this post would be particularly easy to do.  I do however check my comments all the time.  let’s face it, I’m not constantly sitting at my computer and instead of letting my comments build and build before I get back to it, I can approve comments wherever I am.  This makes things so much easier for me when I get back to my computer!


I love this!  Ever out somewhere in need to listen to some music?  There are times when I am sitting out in the yard or we are at the park watching our kids play and some music sounds nice.  Not music that I have synced to my phone that I have heard over and over again but the radio.  This app picks up your local radio stations!  It’s does use Wii-Fi connectivity though.  Since it does, it picks up radio stations better than a tuner radio!


I have a thing for ringtones.  I always have and even with our old basic phones, I was able to make my own ringtones with the mp3s we have on our computer.  The problem was, when we got our iPhones, we couldn’t use them because with the iPhone, they needed to be m4r files which of course I had never heard of.  Therefore, all the ringtones we had were useless.  RMaker allows you to make your own ringtone on your iPhone after you put the songs that you want to use on your phone.  You can then select the phone in the app, start it where you want to and it cuts off after 30 seconds and then converts it to an m4r file!  After that, you can add it to your ringtone library on iTunes to sync to your phone!  Absolutely LOVE it!


If you are a Netflix subscriber like we are, there is a Netflix app for you.  With this app, you can view your queue, add movies to your queue, see what movies have been shipped or recieved and even watch movies that are available to watch instantly.  There have been a few times when I let one of my kids watch one of their cartoon shows while in a waiting room but I mostly use it for when I am at the store and I see a new movie or one that I have been wanting to see and add it to my queue right then and there.  Chances are, I forget what the heck it was that I wanted to add by the time I got home!


How many times have you been in the car and you hear a song you like but they don’t say what the name of the song is or sings it and you can’t remember for the life of you?  It sounds silly but that happens to me quite often and it bugs me until I figure it out!  With Shazam, you can open the app, place it near the radio and it will tag the song (with iTunes) and it will actually tell you the name of the song and who sings it.  How cool is that?!?!  Solves my nagging problem!

Of course there has to be some fun games to play and below are the ones that I play and use daily.

Tap Tap Revenge 4 (Tapulous)

This game is so addicting it’s rediculous.  You play tracks that come with the game and as you level up, you get to unlock more tracks.  When you play a track, your screen shows these tracks that balls or what not roll down and you have to tap them to the music at the right time.  It’s actually pretty cool because there are a lot of songs and artists that I ended up liking even though I have never heard them before!  Tap Tap Revenge usually also has free tracks that you can download to your game once a week.  A lot of times, these songs are something you probably already know.  A lot of the tracks also have a different theme to them!

Image credited to maggadget.com

You can also friend other players and battle them which means you just try to score higher than they did on a particular track.  You also have the option of playing online too where you can play against other players and try to beat them.  Another thing that I think is fun about it is that you earn “coins” when you level up that can be used to buy things for your avatar so you can change his/her look.  There are certain items that can only be purchased with real money and you can also purchase track packs to be able to play songs that you really like.  This isn’t neccessary since there are so many free tracks that you can play but it’s nice that they offer other tracks (and pretty cheap too as most are 99cents for more than one) for something different.

Club World (Tapulous)

This one is really fun too.  Here you have your own club that you can design yourself by earning coins.  You buy your bars and stock them with drinks, hire the DJ for different kinds of shows, and hire your bouncer.  After a certain amount of time (each item will tell you when you can collect) you collect from your bars, bouncer, and DJ to get your coins.  You can then by all kinds of stuff for your club like deco items, dance floors, etc.  You can also change your music mix too.  The things you buy also increase your “coolness” which allows for more patrons to enter your club thus means more tips.  When you level up, you get to go into party mode and tap on a many floating dollars as you can for more money!  There is a different kind of currency called “sugar” which you can use to buy special items.  You usually get one sugar by leveling up and when you are in party mode and see it flying across your screen.

Image credited to iTunes App Store

It’s pretty cool and fun to play.  Again, if you choose, you can friend other players and they show up on your “street” and you can visit and toast their club everyday to raise coolness level.  Of course if someone toasts your club, your coolness goes up too.  Sometimes to open up the party mode, you have to complete certain goals like buy a decor item, buy a lamp, send a message, invite a friend, stock the bar/bouncer/DJ with something specific, etc.  I really like it and it’s not something you have to constantly keep playing.  It’s one of those things you just go back to check on every now and then and don’t worry if you forget because nothing expires!

Angry Birds

If you have never played Angry Birds, you should give that a try too.  There are free versions and you get to play 4-5 levels with 3-4 sub-levels each.  There are a few different Angry Birds games that are free and can be unlocked to the full version if you buy them.  They are fun to play slinging them across the screen with the slingshot to knock all the abstacles out of the way.  I will say for sure that sometimes Angry Birds make ME angry!  But they are still fun to try out and play.

So there you have it.  My favorite iPhone apps!


I was not paid or compensated for my post.  I was not working with or affiliated with any of the brands/product/companies mentioned in my review including the apps or Apple/iPhone.  This post is written for my own personal reasons and thought I would share my thoughts about my favorite apps for my cell phone for my readers to enjoy.

Also note:  The images that I used in my post were found through an internet search so I credited them to where I found them.  They are not my own images.

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