Petcakes Collectibles – Series 2 – Forest Animals Review

Most of you probably already know how much I love Petcakes!  My kids love them too of course and they are really fun to collect and play with!  I was given a wonderful opportunity to work with Well-Made Toys in the past and was thrilled to received another opportunity to review their Series 2 Petcakes!  Petcakes Series 2 are plush Forest Animals that include a raccoon, squirrel, brown bear, and a panda bear.  These cute little creatures sit inside a plush cupcake “wrapper” and the tops of their heads look like the tops of a cupcake. (Almost 7 inches tall).  They are so adorable – what’s not to love?  They are cute little animals that look like yummy cupcakes!

The forest animals can be completely removed from their wrappers and played with outside of their “cupcake beds” as my son likes to call them.  Both our 10 year old daughter, 5 year old son, and even our almost 2 year old son (although they are recommended 3 years and older) loves playing with them.  Our 5 year old even likes to push them all the way inside their wrapper so that they look like a cupcake without seeing the animal inside.  Then he pulls them up like they are “popping” out of a cupcake.  It’s really cute!

Bamboo Berry

“Pleased to meet you.  I’m Bamboo Berry the Panda.  I live in the bamboo patch in the Honey Suckle Woods.  It’s quiet and peaceful there.  I eat fresh tender bamboo shoots and for dessert I dream of vanilla cupcakes with berry frosting.  Yummy!”

Bamboo Berry is a panda bear that has a sewn on cupcake top “hat” that is blue with darker blue polka dots and finished with a little plush cherry on top.  Bamboo Berry sits in a purple cupcake wrapper and the cupcake top’s polka dots are embroidered on!

Honey Cakes

“My name is Honey Cakes.  I live in Honey Suckle Woods.  I look for bee hives and then make friends with the bees.  They let me taste their delicious honey.  I spread it on my cakes, bread and put scoops of it in my tea.”

Honey Cakes happens to be our youngest son’s favorite.  I think it’s because of his little cloth tounge sticking out of his mouth!  Honey Cake’s cupcake top “hat” is orange with little embroidered on honey bees all over it.  I think this is absolutely adorable!  Of course there is also a little red cherry on top as well.

Nutty Nicky

“Nutty Nicky the squirrel is my name and running up trees is my game.  I love chestnuts and walnuts, peanuts and almonds.  I put them in the cupcake frostings when I snatch them off the picnic tables in Honey Suckle Woods.  I even have a place I hide cupcakes for the winter.”

I absolutely love squirrels so Nutty Nicky happens to be my personal favorite!  He is a grey color squirrel complete with a furry tail and is holding an acorn in his paws.  The acorn is also really cute because it’s not an acorn that you would typically see every day.  It’s a plaid acorn!  Nutty Nicky has a yellow cupcake top with teardrop shaped sprinkles embroidered on in the colors of pink, green, and orange and sits in a green cupcake wrapper.

Roco Coco

“Hi!  Nice to meet you!  I’m Roco Coco the raccoon and I love Honey Suckle Woods.  I sleep all day and come out at night.  My friends and I have parties and sit around licking sweet frosting off cupcakes left from family picnics.”

Since our daughter has a thing for raccoons, it’s not a surprise that Roco Coco is her favorite.  This little raccoon is brown and white with his black “mask” over his eyes.  He has a purple cupcake top with all different colors of triangular shaped sprinkles emroidered on.  He also sits in a yellow cupcake wrapper.

Petcakes are made really well and their faces, eyes and sprinkles are all embroidered on which I think adds to the charm.  What makes them even more charming is that each of thier tags say something about them.  I quoted a snippet for each above.  I think this is a cute way for each animal to introduce themselves to their pet owners and tell a little about themselves including who their freinds are.

They have definitely been a big hit in our house!  You may have noticed that I didn’t mention our 5 year old’s favorite and that’s because he doesn’t really have one.  He loves them all equally!  They are fun to play with, collect, and soft and cuddly enough to sleep with!

Please Note:  The animal names, Roco Coco, Honey Cakes, Bamboo Berry, Nutty Nicky, and Honey Suckle Woods are trademarks of Petcakes and Well-Made Toys.

Buy It:  You can now purchase your favorite Petcakes by visiting the Petcakes Shop on their website!  Each plush Petcakes is $12.99 so buy your favorites today!  Don’t forget to check out Series 1 to add to a great collection and the Petcakes Minis are just as cute.  I will definitely be purchasing the Petcakes Minis for our daughter sometime soon!

You can also look for Petcakes on Facebook!

The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.
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