Soccer Team Pool Party!

I am loving it right now.  One of our kids is actually showing interests in playing sports and being a part of a team and getting into a lot of new things.  Our 10 year old daughter could care less and our youngest (almost 2 years old) doesn’t have any idea about these kind of things.  I am happy to say that our 5 year old son is playing soccer!

Last week was the Soccer pool party which was for the whole league so even though he couldn’t find a lot of his teamates, he got to play with some of the other kids that their team will be playing against.  It was a lot of fun and he had a blast!

He wouldn’t go in the big pool.  It’s a good thing the baby pool is so big.  He just loved how the water was much like a beach because it was very shallow at one end and got deeper as you waded in.  I haven’t been to this pool in so long and forgot how much I love it there.  I spent some time relaxing myself!

The other kids were playing in the big pool and going down the waterslide but it didn’t take long before a group of them came over and he had a blast playing with them all!

He’s got soccer practice tomorrow and he is looking forward to it.  I am so excited because now I’m a soccer mom!  Go Oak Ridge Builders!

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  • Lauren

    Sounds like he had a great soccer party! I hope that he continue to enjoy soccer! I love that sports teach kids teamwork! And help keep them active and social!