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Waboba Water Balls Review

I was given the opportunity to work with Waboba on a review and my family loves them!  If you are looking for some water or pool fun, you should definitely try Waboba Water Balls.  They are so much fun!  What’s so different about these water balls?  Well, they don’t get waterlogged and they actually BOUNCE on the water!  Yes, you read it right – they bounce on water!

The first one that we received was the Waboba Extreme ball (pictured above).  We took this one with us and one of the other ones we received (which I will get to shortly) to our son’s soccer pool party and the kids had a lot of fun with it.  How do you play with it?  It’s a lot like throwing or skipping a stone across the water and it will bounce once or twice depending on how it’s thrown.  The kids had a little difficulty getting the technique right so this one is probably more suitable for older kids and adults for this reason.  Us adults had a lot of fun with it too.  I think it’s fun to play in the water and jump after the ball to catch it! 

The Waboba Pro pretty much bounces just like the Waboba Extreme except that in my opinion, It bounces a little bit higher than the Extreme.  You kind of have to figure out the throwing technique which is basically the same as the Extreme as well.  The Pro looks to be slightly bigger and I would definitely recommend this one for the older kids and adults.  Our 5 year old had more difficulty throwing this one but had a blast trying to catch it.  Our 10 year old picked up the technique after practicing with it for a little while.  I just can’t believe that they actually bounce on the water! 

The Waboba Blast (pictured below) is a great one for younger kids.  Our 5 year old didn’t have many problems throwing this one at all and neither did the other kids.  The throwing technique is quite a bit easier in my opinion.  This one is a bit more lightweight and a little bigger than the others.

The Blast is made of a type of foam material so it seemed to be a little easier for them to catch too.  They ended up preferring to play with the Waboba Blast in the pool and for about 2 of the 3 hours the party lasted, they were playing with it! 

The Waboba Surf (pictured below) is definitely more for adults or teens in my opinion.  The Waboba Surf is one of their newer balls and will be available soon.  It’s a little bit smaller than the others (just slightly) and it seems to bounce a lot quicker or faster than the others.  I would definitely not recommend using this one in a pool unless you have a lot of space.  We took this one with us down to the lake during our last trip and we teamed up with a few other people there and had a lot of fun with it!  Below are the official game rules and they go for all the Waboba Water Balls.

Official Game Rules

Waboba Balls

Each team, a minimum of 3 players, should pass the ball to each team member without losing the ball to the other team. A correct pass must bounce on the water at least one time before being caught in the air. Failure to do so results in an incorrect pass. If all players successfully receive a pass, the team gets one point. The opposing team must try to steal the ball and start passing it themselves in order to get points. First team to 3 points wins the game.

  • It is allowed to tackle opponents, but not the player who has the ball.
  • You are not allowed to hold an opponent.
  • Passes must be made within 5 seconds after receiving the ball.

Of course you do not have to play with the rules and just free play with them.  We played with the game rules down at the lake and my husband and I had a blast!  I can’t believe that something as simple as the Waboba could be so much fun.  NONE of them ever get waterlogged or soak up water and the fact that they bounce on the water make them so much fun to try to catch in the water.  It’s not your typical “let’s just throw a ball back and forth in the water” kind of thing.  I’ll tell you what, I enjoyed playing with these more than I do playing water volley ball and I feel like I get more of a workout playing with the Waboba!

Please Note:  Not recommended for children under the age of 3 years.  They aren’t typically recommended for pools unless you are in a bigger pool with plenty of space and they aren’t recommended for bouncing on hard surfaces as that can shorten the life of the Waboba ball. 

Buy It:  You can purchase Waboba Balls by visiting their website and you can also find them at other online stores such as between approximately $8 to $11 depending on which one you purchase and where you purchase them at.

The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.



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