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I have worked with Sourcebooks in the past and have reviewed one of Marianne Richmond’s books before, “The Night, Night Book”.  You may have seen my last review and if you did, you will already know how much I love her charming children’s books.  I was thrilled to receive another opportunity to review her newest book that is new for Fall titled “I Believe in You”.  When I was reading about the book, I had already fell in love with it but after reading it with my kids, I fell even more in love this book!

Written and Illustrated by Marianne Richmond



“This heartfelt book explores the powerful feeling in every parent’s heart as you watch a child take on the big job of growing up.  An inspiring and meaningful book, “I Believe in You” puts into words the little moments that reveal just how much you believe in them, no matter what life throws their way.  Showing you will be by their side can mean the world to them and give them the strength they often so desperately need.”

There are a lot of things that kids go through or learn as they grow up from learning to ride a bike, making friends, schoolwork, playing sports to making mistakes.  The first message that Marianne puts in her book is a very important one and one that is very true.  “You came into our family with a big, BIG job to do, the one of growing up into the one and only you!”  Really, that’s the only job our kids have and as their parents, they need our encouragement for them to believe and know that they can succeed no matter what it is they are doing.

I love how the story rhymes too.  I think that’s always great for younger kids because it helps them keep focused on the story and makes it more fun for them to listen too.  I can’t describe how well this charming book gets the message to your kids when you read it to them.  Marianne has such a wonderful way to get these words and messages across no matter how old your kids are.  “Whether it’s sunny or stormy, whether you’re happy or blue, I’m here to say, without a doubt, that I believe in you!”

There is a part in the book where there are kids playing sports and a little girl is sitting out of the game.  It gave me the feeling that she was sitting out because she wasn’t very skilled at soccer.  “When the team you like says, “No”, some other kid will play,” and then on the next page, the same little girl is playing baseball instead and it continues, “I believe in your awesome skills to shine another way.”  This message lets your kids know that no matter what, they have the skills, they can just show them another way.  It gives them the confidence and self esteem to keep going and trying out for other things.

“When you make a big mistake or you choose a hurtful way, I believe in your stand-up truth to say what you should say.”

“When you look into the mirror and question who you see, I believe your true beauty that shines through from you to me.”  I have this part memorized.  Our 10 year old daughter (almost 11) is at that age where she is questioning herself.  She’s in that “mixed up” stage where she doesn’t like her hair or she doesn’t like this or that.  It’s nothing to the extreme or anything out of the ordinary.  Just one of those things that little girls go through when they reach that certain age.  When she gets this way, it’s nice to just walk in there and quietly say these words to her with a smile on my face.  It always seems to make her smile.  That is at least until she turns into a teenager and doesn’t want to listen to anything her parents have to say!  It’s a wonderful book to read to our 5 year old son when he gets frustrated about something (happens a LOT!) and wants to give up with whatever it is he is doing.

I love the way that the key words are bolded and colored so that there is also a visual emphasis on the words especially for younger kids.  This book is meant to encourage kids to look within themselves to find out for themselves that they have all they need to succeed and of course know that they will always have someone there for them and have someone cheering them on.  I truely think this book does just that and it does so much more when you read it to them instead of them reading it themselves!  Truely amazing, powerful, and charming book!

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