Redakai Starter Pack Card Game Review

I received a wonderful opportunity from SpinMaster to join in on their webinar at their Time to Play event.  I was also sent a Redakai Starter Pack and an additional Power Pack and by joining in on the webinar, my son and I got to see first hand how to play Redakai and of course ask any questions we had about the new Redakai products from SpinMaster this Fall.

What’s so great about Redakai?  Well, it’s the easiest tradable, collectable card game to play!  It’s for ages 6 years and older.  The Redakai card game is based off the new show coming to the Cartoon Network.  My son loves collecting cards such as these but there has never before been a card game that was easy enough for him to play at his age.  What makes Redakai so easy is that the cards are made with Blast3D technology which automatically track progress and you also get to see the damaging effects of attacks!  You don’t have to track scores, damage, defense and all that stuff anymore like you would with other card games.

Power Packs include 11 cards which are called X-Drive cards.  Eack pack comes with character, monster, and attack cards which is what you need to play a game.  That way, you can always play a game with what comes in a single pack.  There are all kinds of cards to collect too, even some rare ones!

Character Cards

Monster Cards

Attack Cards

Each player starts with a character card.  Playing with my son, we just play a basic easy game.  Sit across from one another and take turns attacking each other’s character.  The Redakai Starter Pack comes with 2 Power Packs (card packs) and a portable battlefield designed to look like the X-Reader seen in the show.  The portable battlefield also stores cards inside and flips open to allow stacked cards to stay in place during game play.

What makes it so easy to play is that the cards are stackable.  The character cards have different defenses.  There can be up to the different defenses which are 3 different colors (red, blue, and green).  Each defense number is displayed along the side in their colored tabs if they have a defense for each kind.  The attack cards with attack different defenses.  For example, if I use an attack card with a green attack of 250 and my character doesn’t have a green defense or has a lesser green defense, then using the card will do damage to him and result in a health bar changing red (yellow health bars are in the corner of the character card).  You will actually see this happening as the cards are stacked and the 3D technology even allows you to actually see the attack.  The pictures below is an example:

If you draw a Monster Card, you can play them on your own Character card.  The Monster cards will change them into that monster bringing your Character’s defenses back up and some Monster cards will actually give your Character a life bar back!  Check it out:

You may notice the symbols in the bottom corners of the cards.  These are for action figures that you can buy and inserting these cards into them to unlock secret animations that appear on the action figure!  We love Redakai and my son adores them.  He will be 6 in February and playing a bsic game is easy to learn.  All they have to really know is basic number patterns such as 500 is bigger than 350 or 400 is bigger than 250 and so on and so on and know to coordinate and match up the colors.  The life bars makes it so easy for them to know how much they have damaged a card so they don’t have to keep track of anything!

Here is a video I found on YouTube

The great thing about these cards is that not only kids as young as 6 years old can play (in my son’s case, 5 years old) but that all ages can have fun with them.  There are intermediate ways to play and even more advanced ways to play for even tween, teens, and even adults!  A lot of the cards also has some kind of instruction as well that you have to follow if you are playing at a more difficult level.  SpinMaster definitely had longetivity in mind when developing these cards.  They have a great long lasting play life, really great to collect and they are designed for different levels of play.  Besides all that, I have never seen any other playing cards to actually show the attacks and everything!

Even better news for parents?  Your kids can collect and collect and carry them everywhere because they aren’t your typical cards.  They are made of plastic so they can’t get bent up or beat up and they are REALLY durable which also makes them very long lasting in that sense too.  This also means that I don’t have to worry about if my son didn’t take them out of his pants pockets when his clothes go through the wash!

My son loves Redakai and it’s no surprise that they are on his Christmas list this year.  We think they are great and it’s really fun to play with the whole family or even play with our own friends have have all kinds of battles!  Way to go SpinMaster!!!

Buy It:  Redakai Power Packs suggested retail $5.99, Redakai Starter Pack suggested retail $12.99 and other Redakai card set or figures range from $17.99 to $29.99.  Check your local Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Meijer, and Walgreens.  Check out for more information.

The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.
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